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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wag Kang Lilingon (2006)

wag kang lilingon horror movie

Wag Kang Lilingon is a 2006 twin-bill pinoy horror movie that is starred by Anne Curtis and Kristine Hermosa that literally means “don’t look back”.

The opening part of the story "Uyayi" (a lullaby), Nina (Anne Curtis) had grown up after being adapted by nuns and changed her name to Melissa, a young nurse with a bright future ahead of her. She met also her boyfriend James (Marvin Agustin) in the hospital and together they try to uncover the killer behind the rising number of deaths among the patients in the hospital. There are strange things that are happening inside the hospital as she also saw herself the haunting and ghost apparitions. Not just the patients are the victims but also some doctors inside the hospital. Later the story reveals Melissa to be a psycho killer affected by her past and now follows the 3AM crime that happened to them long time ago when she was still young. She became insane and now she also killed her boyfriend and takes him to her dream house as she introduced him to her to the ghost of her elder sister Angel and her mother Aling Rosing. 

The first part of the story “Salamin” (mirror), Kristine plays Angel, a beautiful young family breadwinner whose only aspiration is to see her family live a better life. So, when her father left her and her mother Aling Rosing (Cherry Pie Picache) and younger sister Nina (Celine Lim) for another woman, Angel decided to move into a new place. The house was old and affordable so she decided to get it for them. After few days living in the house they notice strange things and apparitions of someone whom they suspected died on that house before them. Little by little they didn’t know the danger that lies ahead. As she discovers an old mirror, she makes a wish at the stroke of midnight by the candlelight-to know her future with someone but nothing appeared. Still after few days some kind of ghosts also attacked them appearing everywhere then gone of nowhere.

The creepy incidents happened anytime whether day or night so they were very worried of what really had happened to the people living that house before. The next day they confronted the caretaker of the house that’s Mang Nestor and Red (Baron Geisler), his son but they claimed that it’s too late to get it because they have already spent it instead Angel and her family should proceed in living the house. Aside from that, Angel’s boyfriend also cheated on her so she feel desperate and out of trust that time. They didn’t know that the reason why there are dead ghost people showing them is just to warn them about the danger that lies ahead from the father and son who was also responsible in the deaths of the old house occupants.

The next day Angel took her family to her psychic friend and asks her if they can stay with her as Angel should go back to the house to get something but before she came to the house, her boyfriend who came to ask apology to her was already killed by the father and son caretaker. Inside the house she discovered that the father and son was responsible for the deaths inside so she try to escape and later her mother and younger sister came to help her. After the struggle Angel and her mother was stabbed after she defended themselves from the father and son who later died from the struggle. The only survivor from that incident is Nina whom earlier dreamed that someday she will succeed and have their own house.

Movie Feedback
Wag Kang Lilingon is a nice pinoy horror movie that will send shock to viewers. The story was also similar to some Hollywood psycho killer movies that attitude originated from the young age and conquers the present day.


This movie is an adaptation of Arnold's Predator which group of soldiers are out in the jungle to rescue a military superior from the rebel kidnappers. The base camp of the enemies are in the far side of the jungle and before any military troops who want to follow them will pass in many subcamps of the bandits. The will of saving the superior take the soldiers to the risk where they encounter some of the enemies in the woods. After they passed the enemies' camps they discovered that the next camp is out of living beings, they found dead people and even children and elders. They found a girl who hid in the barrel of water, she is very scared and tormented as she appeared to them. While on the way she tried to escape from the soldiers but still they got her back. As they found the camp where the Major is kept they bravely rescue him. They got him successfully, but along the way lies the beast which came out from nowhere whose responsible for the deaths in the prevoius camp they've passed. As how Predator look like this monster is very similar, shooting lasers and cutting people's body. They fight the monster and as they escaped few of the soldiers vanished as they were taken below the ground or up in the woods by the ferrocious beast. The captain let the major and the rest, with the girl to escape while he is left to fight the monster but the others refuse to left him. They help to fight the monster, the captain cut branches of the trees and put it in the hole buried on the ground. As the monster face them, he luckily put himself near the hole and the captain uses a long sharp pole to throw him down, the monster fell down the hole and exploded with explosives they put below. This movie is full of suspense as you watched it.

Pa Siyam

Pa Siyam is a traditional Filipino nine-day prayer after the burial session of the dead. After the death of their mother, the sons and daughters gathered for the nine-day prayer and as they go along investigating who killed their mother. Some are blaming themselves and caused conflict within the family.

Before the end of the nine days, some strange incident happened. The ghost of their mother is noticed in some unexplained situations and it seems that she has something to say to her sons and daughters.

In the final night they discovered writings in the wall of their names, all of them. After that they call the spirit of their mother and ask who killed her but when the ghost showed up she blames her sons and daughters because she died in too much sorrow while they are away in other places without thinking about her condition.

The story ended when their mother take her younger daughter's life. Their retarded youngest sister commited suicide hanging herself above her bed. As they have blamed by their mother, she take their youngest sister with her. She's with her mother in heaven now as an exchange of their long time absence in the sight of their mother.

Movie Feedback
This horror movie is a family-oriented story that actually happens to some families once they left their parents for their career in far places. The movie brought a shaking and scary revelations as you watch it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Multo in the City

multo in the city horror movie jacklyn jose

Multo in the City is a classic pinoy horror movie in the 90’s that literally means “ghost in the city”.
This horror movie is about the ghost in the school of a mother (Jacklyn Jose) and daughter who died in the land where the school currently stands. Anywhere in the school is haunted by the moment as everyone has experienced; the rooms, the garden with a swing and even the hallway of the school. Most of the employees in the school had experienced the cold long voices at night, the moving tables and chairs and other things that can make a noise.

The creepy situation of the school was also taken advantage by some of the employees who has bad intentions with its co-employees.

When the haunting begins, no student really knew that one of their classmates actually saw the ghosts in school. She was also mistreated at home that’s why the mother ghost came to her and treats the student as her child. The mother ghost is coming back because the grave of her daughter in the school premises was ruined after the students cleaned up the school surroundings. She already warned the teacher who also saw her in the school.

The situation became worse when the mother ghost come to avenge the disturbance the students and the school employees had done to her daughters remains.

The horror ended when the new teacher who does not believe at first, believed when she saw it and she cannot deny the fear that it brings. The ghost awakening was just caused by the disturbance and mismanagement of school administration and it’s because their bones are ruined while the children are gardening the backyard of the school.

The mystery were solved when they buried the bones properly in place and since then the school goes back to normal and classes resumed without nothing fear but the past.