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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Multo in the City

multo in the city horror movie jacklyn jose

Multo in the City is a classic pinoy horror movie in the 90’s that literally means “ghost in the city”.
This horror movie is about the ghost in the school of a mother (Jacklyn Jose) and daughter who died in the land where the school currently stands. Anywhere in the school is haunted by the moment as everyone has experienced; the rooms, the garden with a swing and even the hallway of the school. Most of the employees in the school had experienced the cold long voices at night, the moving tables and chairs and other things that can make a noise.

The creepy situation of the school was also taken advantage by some of the employees who has bad intentions with its co-employees.

When the haunting begins, no student really knew that one of their classmates actually saw the ghosts in school. She was also mistreated at home that’s why the mother ghost came to her and treats the student as her child. The mother ghost is coming back because the grave of her daughter in the school premises was ruined after the students cleaned up the school surroundings. She already warned the teacher who also saw her in the school.

The situation became worse when the mother ghost come to avenge the disturbance the students and the school employees had done to her daughters remains.

The horror ended when the new teacher who does not believe at first, believed when she saw it and she cannot deny the fear that it brings. The ghost awakening was just caused by the disturbance and mismanagement of school administration and it’s because their bones are ruined while the children are gardening the backyard of the school.

The mystery were solved when they buried the bones properly in place and since then the school goes back to normal and classes resumed without nothing fear but the past.

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