Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Barang is a 2006 Pinoy Horror movie which means the cursing of evil spell to someone who have made bad things to someone. The movie is scary and full of thrill. It talks about a lady who has been cursed by a Barang and suffered strange and unexplained things upon the effect of the curse. The curse started when group of teenagers had their vacation in the province to be with their elders because one of them had her sister died recently and while walking on the street they encountered an old woman and the lady accidentally bumped her but in spite of saying sorry she insulted the old woman so the old woman who was also the Barang cursed a spell after the incident and the next day the lady started to not feeling well and had spots starting to grow on her skin. From then on, the skin spots grows fast everyday and getting worst. They also saw a ghost of the dead sister on the house.

On the other side Tikboy was helping her mother in selling organic medicines and anti-barang kits on the front of the church. The boy often wonders on the woods and saw the old woman's house whom he had seen her cursing an evil spell but she noticed him so the boy get out from that placed and go home. Later, then the boy was given a toy by mad neighbor Tomas and it was a stingray's tail which is known to be effective in contrasting barang spells. One night the Barang followed him at home but every whip of the tail it hurts to the barang so the old woman got away from the boys home who is together with her mother that time. The Barang even sent them food at first look but later turned into worms after driving the Barang away.

Many of the victims in town are found dead after strange things coming out of their body and many are saying that this was done by such Barang and the victims were suspected that they've offended the Barang so they got that strange punishment.

The mother of the boy also knows how to heal the curse so she tried healing the lady but it didn't work so they find another way to cure it on the other way discovering that it's the old woman who cursed the young lady to suffer like that. They also discovered that the old woman is also responsible for the death of Thalia's sister Igna.

They tried to fight the curse and did the healing to the woman affected with Barang and using the whip the Barang also was hurt and attacked them at home. As the struggle continues the Barang was defeated by mother of Tomas using the stingray's tail and that also healed the woman from the curse of Barang.

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