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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sa Piling ng Aswang

Sa Piling ng Aswang is a 1999 Filipino/Pinoy Horror film where Maricel Soriano plays as the elder sister where in search of his younger brother who was lost in the woods together with friends and left unexplained with what happened to them out there. Not contented of waiting she went out to search for them together with some friends including a soldier who accompanied them knowing the dangers in the woods.

Upon their search, they met strange people and also encountered unknown strangers that took some of her friends in the woods. They later discovered that the strangers who attacked them were the Aswang or the human turning monsters at night. As their journey goes on they have encountered many of them of who were really flesh eating humans. She also saw her younger brother's ghost in the woods that she later discovered that he's already dead and killed by the Aswang and also led her to meet the Queen of the Aswang people out there. They tried to escape from the place but because of her pity to one of the Aswang giving birth to a child and died after delivery she took the child and returned them to the family of Aswang and asked if they could go free in return of giving back the child to Aswang family.

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