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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Corazon Ang Unang Aswang

Corazon Ang Unang Aswang is a 2012 Filipino/Pinoy Horror Movie in 1946 setting and Aswang means a flesh eating creature in the night. The movie talks about the couple Corazon and Daniel who lived in a local village. Corazon's mother was rumored as prostitute in war where almost everybody in the village know. Every time Corazon meet the people around they keep talking about her family. They lived a simple life when Corazon decided to take action because after their years of marriage she never get pregnant. She consulted native medicine experts in the village and one suggested that she would try something that has to do with miracles so she tried to sacrifice and pray to have a baby. Later then she get pregnant and Daniel gets excited of it.

Before she get pregnant she met Melinda, an old woman rumored to be one of the Aswang in the village that eats human flesh but this was not proven aside from rumors. The killings in their village was made by the land lord to scare them to work on his land. Daniel always warned Corazon not to get in touch with Melinda because of what everbody's saying and Melinda was killed in one of the encounters in the village even if Corazon defended her.

When Corazon get pregnant she is very excited of her baby and taking care of her condition. The time has come that she gave birth to her baby but the didn't cry and the local midwife confirmed that the baby is dead. Corazon cannot believe that the baby is dead she kept the baby for days and blame everybody for what happened. One day she take the baby away and blame God for what happened. Because of her anger he ate the baby's dead body and promised that she will take vengeance and no baby will cry anymore in the village. From them she started to eat flesh from wild animals and days come that she started to eat little girls in the village and killing them.

Daniel is tired of searching her since she's been lost for a long time already. Victims goes higher when everybody's alarmed to who's the killer and blamed Aswang for that. One night an encounter happened with Daniel's friend and identified Corazon as the Aswang. Corazon killed many kids in the village and almost killed one of her friend but she got away when she identified her. The village people searched for the rumored monster that is killing their kids.

The movie ended when Corazon and Daniel meet again and Daniel's friend let them get away before the village people will kill them if they will see Corazon and that is the legend of the first Aswang in the far rural areas.

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