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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Healing

The Healing is a 2012 pinoy horror movie that that talks about successive deaths of Seth's (Vilma Santos) neighbors after they are healed by a fate healer. It all started when Manang Elsa (Daria Ramirez) became popular because she have cured many diseases that even hospitals cannot and that's why Seth tried to bring his father Odong (Robert Arevalo) who is suffering from stroke to Manang Elsa believing that she can heal her father. After few touches on her father, Manang Elsa prescribed her herbal medicines for her father to take to heal thoroughly. Before they can go back at home Manang Elsa's house was shattered when one of the patients collapsed and the people was then taken inside for Manang Elsa to check. At home Seth gave his father the prescribed herbal medicines that Manang Elsa advised and let him drink. In the morning Seth was surprised when his father was not in his bed anymore and later his son Jed (Martin del Rosario) told her that Odong is outside talking with neighbors and already can walk. That's the time she believed that Manang Elsa really is a true healer. Few days after, her neighbors approached her and ask her to accompany them to Manang Elsa because they want to be healed also from breast cancer, goiter, skin diseases and many more.

Aside from them, Seth's step daughter Cookie (Kim Chiu) is also suffering unknown skin disease that slowly weaken her, so Jed ask Seth to go with them to Manang Elsa but because of the conflicted schedule Seth was only able to accompany her neighbors who were the first to ask her for help. Upon arriving in Manang Elsa's house, her brother Melchor (Joel Torre) stopped them because he said that the healer is not feeling well and getting weak because of how many she has already healed for the past days but Manang Elsa surprisingly opened her windows and let them get in to be healed. Also after Seth's neighbors were healed Jed and Cookie also arrived and accommodate themselves for healing. After that all her neighbors started to notice that their diseases are gone and they are healed and so with Cookie. They celebrated as thanksgiving for the good things that happened to them but after that they have noticed something strange when one of their neighbors Chona (Ces Quesada) was acting so differently after healed from his goiter. She seemed silent and unapproachable. After that incident, Seth also dreamed black birds inside her house and later saw Chona going out which seemed came from inside her house. Later they heard the news that Chona is dead due to suicide but before it happened she already acted so insane killing her neighbors that have passed by their house. This shocked them all and it didn't happened once when another neighbor also acted strange and like Chona also killed others and commits suicide.

This incident repeatedly happens to every one of them who were healed by Manang Elsa. So Seth went to Manang Elsa's house and investigates why this happens but as soos as he got there a bad news was revealed by Melchor that Manang Elsa was killed after healing Seth's neighbors. Melchor told her that Dario (Jhong Hilario), the one who collapsed after Seth's father was healed died during that time but Manang Elsa restored him and live again. That's why all the people that were healed after Dario lived one by one died because it cursed all the souls that were given to Dario, that's why he killed Manang Elsa to live forever taking the souls of the healed people. The only way to stop the curse is kill Dario, so Seth tried to talk and even tried to poison Dario but she can't do it so the curse continues until she realized that Cookie will be the last to die. Almost all of her healed neighbors died one by one, Seth also discovered that once she will see a duplicate being of her neighbors that the signal that he/she will be next. So they decided to watch over Cookie if she will act strange and Jed make his way to setup a surveillance camera to watch over Cookie. As the time goes, Cookie successfully escaped from her duplicate that will take over her once they will meet but later on ended to Seth's house and attempted to kill her since Cookie's duplicate already had her controlled. They struggled inside the house and even his son Jed was nearly possessed by evil duplicate but they are all saved when Melchor successfully entered prison with a gun and shoot Dario to death.

The movie was full of surprises and shock that everyone can chill on. It ended bloody also but was saved by exciting situations since her step daughter Cookie should be the last victim. Everything was ended by the death of Dario... I guess. The quick end might be a sign for a next horror movie.

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