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Friday, March 7, 2014

Guwapings: The First Adventure (1992)

Guwapings: The First Adventure is a 1992 pinoy horror movie starring three of the most promising actors in their generation - Jomari Yllana (Mike), Mark Anthony Fernandez (Bambi) and Eric Fructuoso (Archie). Group of kids along with their driver Buddy (Anjo Yllana) headed to a forest to play war games when suddenly they got lost in the middle of the woods. Before anyone finds the way home they encountered strange things in the woods. Not knowing the risk of the place they each of them struggled to find way home since sun is setting soon. Also their other companions searched for them in the woods since they bored and worried of waiting. This is the start of the unexpected teenager's horror adventure.

Upon searching they also find strangers such as beautiful ladies at night and other locals who say that the place is dangerous because it’s the place of the Aswang (Flesh eating humans). At first, they didn’t believe until they find of their fellows dead with bite mark in the neck. Now they already discovered that what the locals said is true. On the other hand, there are also girls who had been kidnapped by kidnappers who only want money in exchange but before they can get the money the two girls escaped along with the kidnapper’s girlfriend and allies. Now the situation becomes complicated when they accidentally meet in the woods escaping from the Aswangs and the kidnappers. 

Out of luck, the kidnappers were killed by some of the Aswangs in the woods and only the teens can help themselves against the flesh eating night hunters. While finding the way, they saw an elder’s house where they decided to stay for the night to avoid the danger but the Aswang attacked them and captured the two girls. They have no other choice but to save the fellow teens that has been kidnapped by the Aswang. With this, they prepared some weapons including sharpen woods as spears and lots of garlic which are proven that can kill Aswangs. The kids fought the Aswangs but they are a lot stronger at night so the kids keep fighting using their weapons until they discovered that it was nearly dawn and soon sunlight will be visible so they shoot the walls of the old building that made the sunlight penetrate the inside and killed the Aswangs.

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