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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wang Fam (2015)

wang fam horror comedy movie

Wang Fam is a 2015 pinoy horror comedy movie starring the Aswang family Pokwang (Malou Wang), Benjie Paras (Boo Wang),  Andre Paras (Duke Wang), Abby Bautista (Kala Wang) and Alonzo Muhlach (Vey Wang).

This is a movie about a family of Aswang which chooses to live among humans without eating them.

The story started when Malou was scheduled to be offered to her elder Aswang queen. The queen wanted to use her body while she was still virgin as part of the Aswang prophecy. However, she fell in love to botanist Boo who was camping at their territory to do experiments on plants that could possible cure diseases. The two decided to secretly get married to avoid being used by the queen during body transfer.

During the ceremony in transferring the spirit of the queen to Malou’s body, his brother Jokjok (Wendell Ramos) wondered why it took more than four hours and the ritual was unsuccessful. Later, one of the elder Aswang revealed that Malou was already not a virgin that caused the ritual to fail. 

Boo rescued her and was also converted into Aswang after Malou bit him to fight evenly with the Aswang clan who tried to hurt them.

When the two escaped, they started a family and got three children Duke, Kala and Vey. They didn’t live their lives normally as they kept on transferring places to avoid being revealed as Aswangs. They later decided to transfer to Manila to live in Boo’s parents’ mansion.

When the family came, someone saw their forms as monsters and tried to tell it to everybody.  The neighbors tried to mock and tag them as Aswang but they always find a way to deny it to everybody despite their pale skin color. Duke also fell in love with their neighbor’s daughter. The children went to school as normal after Boo discovered an antidote to prevent the sun from burning them.

After few months, many were murdered within their place which was done by Malou’s brother Jokjok and his gang. The three monsters also lived in the boarding house of Wang family’s neighbor where they pretended to be call center agents who only go out by night.

Wang children discovered this and told their parents. Jokjok abducted Duke’s girlfriend in exchange for Kala who will be the replacement of Malou for the sacrifice as the eclipse is coming. With this, the family revealed their true identity to the neighbors and promised to help them save the kidnapped boarders.

Wang family saved them using holy water and their own strength as Aswang and they’ve defeated Jokjok and the other members of the clan. Vey also showed his might as a werewolf which ended the war against the Aswang clan.

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