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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Elemento (2016)

elemento 2016 horror movie

Elemento is a 2016 pinoy psychology horror movie about parenting and possessions. The movie stars Cristine Reyes as Cara and his son Albert Silos as Lucas. In Kara's childhood she always dreamed about wandering and running around the forest. Even if she already had a son, these dreams always come back to her. She also consulted a doctor to assess her dreams that kept on repeating every time she fell asleep.

As a single parent, Kara ensured that she can give good future to her son that’s why she worked hard. There are also times that she cannot spend quality time to her son due to her work as a real estate broker. Lucas’s father (Jake Cuenca) also cannot spend time on him because he has another girlfriend.

The horror started when Lucas goes to a school field trip and when got back Kara noticed some differences on him. Lucas usually complains when his mother will call him baby but this time he did not do it so Kara find this unusual. This time Lucas shows unusual behaviour like beating his bully classmate badly. His sweetness is also gone.

After noticing this behavior, their neighbor (Elizabeth Oropesa) also told Kara that the kid inside his house is not Lucas but a creature called “Tambal” which is an identical copy of his son. This happened when Lucas accidentally got lost in the forest during their field trip. The Tambal copied his looks and joined again to his classmates and got home. The real Lucas is actually still inside the forest wandering. An incident proved this claim when Lucas called Kara using his phone asking for help because he’s lost the forest.

Kara went back to the forest to rescue Lucas along with her gay friend and there she met and old folk that actually saved Lucas from being lost. But instead of letting Kara take her son, they captured her and let her son get out the forest. It was later discovered that the folks there are also Tambal creatures and Kara is actually one of them when she got lost in the forest in her childhood. The one who got the forest as Kara was actually a Tambal and the folks are no happy when she came back.

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