Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halik sa Hangin (2015)

Halik Sa Hangin is a 2015 pinoy horror movie starring Julia Montes (Mia), Gerald Anderson (Gio), and JC de Vera (Alvin). This is a movie about a haunted love that caused a young woman’s life and the people around her to be in danger. Halik Sa Hangin literally means in English as “kiss to the wind” which also imply kissing to nothing.

The movie started when Mia was brought to Baguio along with her family by her stepfather to start a new life after his father died falling off the bridge. She is still in grave sadness remembering her childhood with her father.

At school, since she is still new, she encountered many instances of bullying and taught herself to overcome those. Aside from these incidents, Mia met someone who captured her attention. It’s Gio, a loner-type guy and a music lover. Together they shared experiences about life which they both discovered that they have similarities in some of it.

Mia also learned that the cause of Gio’s sadness is Quinn, the woman that she loved before and who broke his heart.

After spending few days together, they fell in love with each other as Gio taught her on how to play the new guitar bought by Mia. They spend most the time on the tourist spots in Baguio. Another instance happened when the bully school mates of Mia tried to disturb her but Gio came to the rescue which brought fear to them.

Later, Mia’s friends and family approached her about an incident that resulted to the death of her bully school mate. They confronted her that it was Mia’s cutter that was found in the victim’s place. She insisted that she has nothing to do with it since she was only spending time with her boyfriend Gio.

That’s the time she discovered that her boyfriend was indeed already dead and does not exist as how Mia described, and actually a ghost that fell in love with her. With this, she confronted Gio and there she had proved that that Gio together with his family were already dead. She also learned that Gio was responsible in the death of her bully school mate because he doesn’t want someone to hurt Mia.

Quinn also confessed that the cause of her isolation was Gio. He killed Quinn’s family when Quinn refuses to go with him as her dead boyfriend.

This led her to avoid Gio but he threatened Mia’s family and their lives in danger. Alvin who is also interested in Mia tried to rescue her from Gio that endangered his life.

The horror was only ended when Mia decided to jumped to a hole to save Alvin and her family. This is the time the rage of Gio was ended when she saved Mia from falling off because he loves him. The dead’s love remained the savior of Mia’s and her family’s lives.