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Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Debutantes (2017)

the debutantes 2017 horror movie

The Debutantes is a 2017 pinoy horror movie starring Sue Ramirez (Kate). The movie talks about revenge after being humiliated shamed in front of her classmates.

Kate is a strange and weird girl who wants to be friends with the popular girls in school such as Lara (Miles Ocampo), Jenny (Jane De Leon), Candice (Michelle Vito) and Shayne (Chanel Morales). Kate and Lara became friends after asking her to tutor one of their subjects to pass. They became close after that favor was granted by Kate.

However, during the debut party, Kate was humiliated by Lara's friends without her knowledge that this will happen. Due to this, Kate was really upset and rejected Lara's calls. After a while she accepted Lara's apologies.

The night came when Kate starts to have strange dreams about the girls dying. Kate tries to warn the girls in order to save them, but they don't listen to her. As a result, each of them started to die strangely one by one.

Later, it was discovered that the one who killed the girls one by one was Kate's imaginary friend. A kid that she knew when she was still young and remained her friend even in her current teenager life. The kid is not human and it came from the outside world of enchanted ones. Her kid friend did the revenge knowing that Kate cannot do it on her own.

Lara was the last one that should have been killed but Kate interrupted her friend and stabbed herself because it's the only way to separate her and the enchanted friend. Lara lived as saved by Kate.

Amalanhig: The Vampire Chronicles (2017)

amalanhig 2017 horror movie

Amalanhig is a 2017 pinoy horror movie starring Jerico Estregan as Dan.

In Visayan mythology, Amalanhig is believed to be an evil creature in Hiligaynon speaking groups in Panay Island. A monster with extreme thirst of human blood similar to zombies and vampires, and so with Aswang.

The story started when the Dan's team have a hold of a diary written a long time ago by a victim of Amalanhig. It was stated in that diary that they violated the old traditions that cost their lives.

Due to this, the team headed to San Sebastian to look for Amang Kulas, an old folk that is known to be knowledgable about Amalanhig. Their aim is to investigate further on this incident as also part of their school project. They successfully met him but Amang Kulas warned them not to proceed in going that place because of the evil spirits and the dangers that they might face but due to their eagerness, they still headed to that place up to the old man's residence.

They were allowed to stay camping outside the old man's house. However, due to their excitement, some of the team members entered an old ruins to explore. Out of their curiosity, they discovered something inside where the possessed Amalahig is resting so this caused their lives in danger.

Amang Kulas later disclosed about the Amalanhig who is actually his brother who turned into a monster due to the bad experiences in his life where his wife and daughter were killed. He turned himself into a blood thirsty creature that killed the previous visitors of their place including the one that wrote the diary.

With this, Amang Kulas decided to end the Amalanhig's rage but almost failed to do it. Fortunately, Dan helped him and stabbed the Amalanhig using the dagger that is believed to be the only weapon that could kill the monster.

Dan and his girlfriend were the only ones who survived fighting with the Amalanhig but they didn't know that it's not over yet.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Bloody Crayons (2017)

bloody crayons pinoy horror movie, janella salvador horror movie

Bloody Crayons is a pinoy horror and suspense movie starring Janella Salvador as Eunice, Jane Oineza as Olivia, Elmo Magalona as Kiko, Ronnie Alonte as John, Sofia Andres as Marie, Diego Loyzaga as Kenly, Maris Racal as Rich, Yves Flores as Justin, Empoy Marquez as Gerard, and Nanding Josef as Mang Pedring.

This movie was based on the novel "Bloody Crayons".

As graduating students, they decided to go to an island to shoot for a short film project. In this island, the old summer house of Olivia's family was built which was believed to have unsettled spirits haunting at night. They need to stay here while shooting the film in which the caretaker Mang Pedring is also assisting them on their needs.

Later, the trouble started when Olivia discovered that his boyfriend Kenly had a secret affair with Marie which caused her to get mad and even get disappointed with Eunice, her close friend that acts as the guardian of the team who also kept the secret after discovering it couple of weeks ago. Olivia tried to avoid them all which also caused some problems while shooting their project. However, she later joined the team claiming that she's not angry anymore and ready to finish the short film.

One night, the team decided to play a game called Bloody Crayons in which each color has different consequences about honesty, rules, and many more. It was fun at the beginning but it gets more serious when few things are revealed. The last one who can get the red crayon will drink all the stuffs placed on the plastic glass where the name Bloody Crayons was derived.

When Olivia got the chance to request for a consequence, she asked Kenly to kiss her without malice and as a sort of closure which will have permission from Marie but the kissing did not happen after Olivia cut it.

One night, they decided to play the Bloody Crayons game and everyone got excited. Some sanctions of the game are funny and some are dangerous in the sense that they don't know the impact of it. Unfortunately, Marie got the last red crayon which means that she needs to drink the mix but she's game for it. While drinking it, she felt uncomfortable with the taste and started to vomit. Olivia suggested to give her water from Marie's own tumbler but it worsened the scenario that resulted to her death.

The team panicked and started to blame Olivia for a suspected poisoning as revenge. Olivia escaped and ended to fall off the cliff. This is where the horrible things happened when Kenly was slit to death in his neck so each one is suspecting one another causing them to kill each other and die also from the rage of the killer.

With the terrible things happening, Eunice, John and Kiko stayed protecting themselves. Olivia also came back claiming that she didn't die in the cliff but this made them suspect her as the killer. John also discovered that there is a secret passage near to the cliff which was possibly used by Olivia.

It was later revealed that her target are only Kenly, Marie and Eunice but since others are killing each other, it lessened her burden. Kiko was later killed and Eunice tried to escape near the cliff where she encountered the angry Olivia wanted to kill her as the last. Luckily, John is still alive and he saved Eunice from Olivia. Olivia fell off finally at the cliff after asking forgiveness from Eunice which ended the horrible scenario at that night.

Monday, May 1, 2017

I Love You To Death (2016)

I Love You To Death is a 2016 pinoy horror movie starring Kiray (Gwen) and Enchong Dee (Tonton). The movie talks true love that caused the horror to happen to each of them.

Gwen and Tonton are childhood friends and they used to promise each other that they will be together and get married in the future. Tonton even gave Gwen a ring as a symbol of their forever and undying love. However, due to unexpected times, Gwen made new friends which have bully attitude and she became one of them. That is the time when she pushed Tonton out of her life to gain her friends' trust. Tonton was hurt that time but he knew that it was not the Gwen that he loved.

Times passed and they both become teenagers but their friendship did not go back to where it used to be. One day, Gwen is waiting for a vehicle to go to school but she got robbed by a man in bike taking her phone. Tonton tried to catch the man but they were both bumped in the middle of the road leaving the two dead. Gwen was unaware that Tonton died because of her.

After few years, Gwen wished that someone would come and marry her. In her birthday, Tonton came surprising her after having no contact for years. Tonton told her that he didn't forget Gwen even if they have not seen each other for a long time. He also proposed to Gwen. Her friends did not agree with Tonton's idea to marry her as soon as possible.

This is the time when all those who are against with Tonton died one by one. All of Gwen's friends also died.

Later, Gwen discovered that it is not Tonton that is inside his body but but the one who robbed her in the street that died along with Tonton.

They later get together when Gwen died.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

San Lazaro (2011)

san lazaro horror movie

San Lazaro is a 2011 horror drama film starred by Ramon Bautista (Limuel), Nico Manalo (Biboy) and Wincy Aquino Ong (Sigfried) who also directed the movie. This movie is about a possession of an evil spirit hungry for some secrets.

Sigfried is a hard working employee but he always end up losing his job. One day, his classmate Limuel contacted him asking for help about something. When they met, Limuel told him that he needs help for his brother Biboy who is possessed by an unknown evil spirit. He claimed that his brother even ate their dog alive which horrified Sigfried.

Biboy’s strange attitude started when his girlfriend left him for another man and he didn’t even discover who it was. Limuel was alerted when Biboy once called his daughter and told her that he will visit on the girl’s birthday and eat her. When Limuel discovered from the caller ID that it is Biboy who called her daughter, he seek for help on how to cure or stop the spirit from conquering Biboy’s body.

He started to search for help and discovered about San Lazaro, the place where the great paranormal expert lives who happened to be Sigfried’s uncle.

After that, they decided to bring Biboy to San Lazaro to get some help from the paranormal expert. San Lazaro is aslo well-known for horror stories about some who died after going there. Along the road, they experienced a lot misunderstanding and later settled for their purpose. They even met a guy who tried to rob them but was killed by Biboy out of hunger. Biboy craves for blood which made him very dangerous if get out from the car.

Since San Lazaro is very far from the city, Sigfried called his uncle and ask for help to neutralize Biboy while they are still on the road. This time, they used salt and made it as a necklace for Biboy to let him lead the way to where the spirit is located.

Later, they arrived to Sigfried’s uncle’s house and immediately started to ritual to set Biboy from the evil spirit but something unfortunate happened when his neck was bitten by Biboy. His vocal cord was damaged so he cannot speak and do the ritual anymore.

Sigfried took over and later discovered from his uncle that the spirit is hungry for a “dark secret” which was related on Biboy’s past when his girlfriend left him. Sigfried asked Limuel to whisper him a dark secret that no one knows. Limuel then whispered that he is “Captain Barbel”, the name of the guy in the cellphone whom Biboy was left out for by his girlfriend. This is where the spirit set free from Biboy’s body and everything’s back to normal.     

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mang Kepweng Returns (2017)

mang kepweng 2017

Mang Kepweng Returns is a 2017 pinoy horror comedy movie starring Vhong Navarro as Kiefer whom his nickname is derived from his father the original Mang Kepweng.

This movie is a remake of the 1979 film originally starred by the late comedian actor Chiquito.

Kiefer is a hardworking guy despite the strange things that is repeatedly happening to him. He usually see ghost wherever he goes – at work or home. With these instances, he still survived the daily routine in his life.

His mother, Aling Milagros (Jacklyn Jose) has been secretive about Kiefer’s origin especially about his father. Besides the circumstances, she already knew that the strange things that Kiefer saw are part of his destiny. When she had finally decided on letting Kiefer know his roots, they went to the province to see Zach (James Blanco), his step brother of the same father.

Later, he discovered that he is the destined one to use the magical handkerchief which is an inheritance from his father. The handkerchief contains unexplained power that could heal diseases and fight bad elements. The fairies also oriented him about the power of the handkerchief and handed him the book of knowledge that could help him in healing and fighting bad elements.

When he started to wear the handkerchief to his head, it indicates the return of Mang Kepweng, the great healer (albularyo). He first healed Zach’s wife who was possessed by the witch.

This incident alerted the witch and immediately sent his allies to spy on Kiefer. He wanted to know if it’s really true that Mang Kepweng had returned and was later confirmed. Kiefer’s friends also came to visit him and later decided to stay. Kiefer also met Allysa (Kim Domingo) which at first he has no interest but later fell in love with her.

The witch started to send someone to seduce Kepweng but did not succeed. With such despair, he sent some food which poisoned Allysa that serves as his puppet to kill Kiefer.

With this, Kiefer faced the bad healer witch and almost got defeated but with the help of his father’s spirit and the prayers from her mother, he had survived and killed the witch.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halik sa Hangin (2015)

Halik Sa Hangin is a 2015 pinoy horror movie starring Julia Montes (Mia), Gerald Anderson (Gio), and JC de Vera (Alvin). This is a movie about a haunted love that caused a young woman’s life and the people around her to be in danger. Halik Sa Hangin literally means in English as “kiss to the wind” which also imply kissing to nothing.

The movie started when Mia was brought to Baguio along with her family by her stepfather to start a new life after his father died falling off the bridge. She is still in grave sadness remembering her childhood with her father.

At school, since she is still new, she encountered many instances of bullying and taught herself to overcome those. Aside from these incidents, Mia met someone who captured her attention. It’s Gio, a loner-type guy and a music lover. Together they shared experiences about life which they both discovered that they have similarities in some of it.

Mia also learned that the cause of Gio’s sadness is Quinn, the woman that she loved before and who broke his heart.

After spending few days together, they fell in love with each other as Gio taught her on how to play the new guitar bought by Mia. They spend most the time on the tourist spots in Baguio. Another instance happened when the bully school mates of Mia tried to disturb her but Gio came to the rescue which brought fear to them.

Later, Mia’s friends and family approached her about an incident that resulted to the death of her bully school mate. They confronted her that it was Mia’s cutter that was found in the victim’s place. She insisted that she has nothing to do with it since she was only spending time with her boyfriend Gio.

That’s the time she discovered that her boyfriend was indeed already dead and does not exist as how Mia described, and actually a ghost that fell in love with her. With this, she confronted Gio and there she had proved that that Gio together with his family were already dead. She also learned that Gio was responsible in the death of her bully school mate because he doesn’t want someone to hurt Mia.

Quinn also confessed that the cause of her isolation was Gio. He killed Quinn’s family when Quinn refuses to go with him as her dead boyfriend.

This led her to avoid Gio but he threatened Mia’s family and their lives in danger. Alvin who is also interested in Mia tried to rescue her from Gio that endangered his life.

The horror was only ended when Mia decided to jumped to a hole to save Alvin and her family. This is the time the rage of Gio was ended when she saved Mia from falling off because he loves him. The dead’s love remained the savior of Mia’s and her family’s lives.