Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shake Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

shake rattle roll xv 15
Shake Rattle & Roll XV  is a 2014 pinoy horror movie that is composed of three stories namely “Ahas”, “Ulam” and “Flight 666”.


The movie stars Erich Gonzales as the twin sisters Sandra and Sarah (Ahas/snake). The story started when Troy’s (JC de Vera) wife (Solenn Heusaff) was suddenly locked out inside a fitting room of a famous mall and killed by the lady snake Sarah in the basement. This incident led Troy to seek for reasons on why his wife didn’t come back. He worked in the mall and also became the love interest of Sandra, the mall owner’s (Alberto/Ariel Rivera) daughter.

Sandra was about to celebrate her 25th birthday when suddenly Sarah escaped from the basement of the mall where she was hidden. Sarah is half human and half snake in which fed by bad shoppers that shoplifts things from the mall. She already killed many of them after she had accidentally tried to eat human when someone fell off the basement. She was also in love with Troy after seeing him wandering at the mall.

Alberto tried to kill Sarah to stop her after what she had done to people despite the riches that she had given to the mall. Unfortunately, Alberto was killed by her snake daughter while Sandra couldn’t do anything. Later Sarah was killed by Troy after being swallowed alive and finds his way to slash the stomach of the snake.


This story stars Carla Abellana (Aimee) and Dennis Trillo (Henry). The couple decided to go back to their ancestral house with their daughter Julie in which only the caretaker Aling Lina lives there. After few days of staying there, the couple continuously had misunderstanding that also affected their daughter.

The couple was served by caretaker with delicious foods but they didn’t let their kid eat it. Later the two suffered too much craving of eating fresh meats and other animal flesh which they could not control anymore. This resulted to Aimee to be more violent and nearly killed their daughter causing her to be rushed for medication.

Aimee also become more violent and stabbed the nurses and doctors in the hospital and found her way to go home. The coupled was in trouble while Aling Lina watches them along with her hidden hunchback son who helped her capture Julie. They fought while Aling Lina revealed that she did it to them to avenge the cruelty of Henry’s grandparents to her in which her hunchback son was indeed Henry’s grandfather’s son.

The couple hurt each other due to the potion given to them but later got their sanity and Aling Lina’s son was killed and so with Henry. Luckily, Aimee and Julie lived.

Flight 666

The story stars Lovi Poe as Karen  and Matteo Guidicelli as Dave. They were previously a couple but they broke up due to the accidentally aborted child of Karen.

The two met again in a plane not knowing the danger that this flight will brought to them. On board are mix of personalities from social, professional, geeks and a secret hijacker. Inside the plane, a lady was about to give birth to her son which was later discovered that it was a sibling of an unknown creature in their province that are believed to be enchanted and powerful.

Along with this incident is the declaration of the hijacker who was a previous employee of the plane company. The lady successfully gave birth to her son with the assistance of Dave but is very unfortunate because the baby died.

However, the dead baby was turned into a monster kid (tiyanak) and killed each of them inside the plane. They tried to fight the evil baby but some only died. Later they have managed to escape after landing and the explosion happened.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Third Eye (2014)

third eye horror movie

Third Eye is a 2014 pinoy suspense movie starring Carla Abellana (Mylene) and Ejay Falcon (Jimmy). The movie talks about the love, relationship and betrayal that caused them to experience the unwanted danger.

Mylene in her younger years has third eye open that caused her to see strange things but was later closed by her grandmother for her safety and everything went normal after it was closed.

When she met Jimmy, they fell in love and later got married. They lived happily but despite her being lovable and thoughtful wife is the betrayal of Jimmy. Jimmy has an affair with another woman who conceived his child beyond Mylene’s knowledge. Later, Mylene discovered Jimmy’s secret after answering Janet’s (Denise Laurel) call thru Jimmy’s phone and also saw him once with his other 
woman. This resulted to a conclusion that indeed Jimmy has another woman.

Mylene confronted Jimmy regarding this but he is still on denial and just walked out avoiding the topic to be talked about. After Jimmy walked out, Mylene follows him while he’s on his way to pick Janet who was already pregnant. On the way, Mylene and Janet got lost after taking a wrong route to their destination while Mylene is still following them.

Unfortunately, they got lost in the woods and tried to ask help from a resident but Jimmy was just hit with a wedge leaving him seriously wounded. Mylene tried to rescue them but he was chased by the husband of the attacker. Janet was also captured by the strange woman who attacked them and took her to the house. Despite their knowing, the place where they are is the home of cannibals who liked to eat flesh from humans.

Another purpose of the woman in taking Janet is her child which will be used in a ritual to revive her dead husband who is lying inside the house. The blood of Janet together with her child will be fed to the woman’s dead husband.

Mylene successfully engaged the house of the woman and rescued Janet but before she was rescued, the blood was already poured over the dead man that caused him to be revived in which was witnessed by their son. They’ve managed to escape after killing the woman but Jimmy was seriously wounded that made him suggest to leave him alone while the attackers are on the chase to save Mylene and Janet. The revived man killed Jimmy and still chases Mylene and Janet. However, Janet didn’t make it after giving birth in the woods and only Mylene successfully escaped from the vicinity of cannibals.

Police have recovered evidence that people living in that area are cannibals but none was left in the area. The cannibals migrated searching for other place to stay having the revived man with them. They also attacked civilians along the way who was also pregnant.

Mylene raised Janet’s child and sometimes haunted by the ghost of the cannibal woman but she knew that it’s only a ghost and cannot harm them anymore. This made her continue living her life peacefully with Janet’s child.

Dilim (2014)

dilim horror movie

Dilim is a 2014 psychological pinoy horror movie starring Kylie Padilla (Maritess). The movie talks about the nursing student being haunted by the ghost of the dead nursing students killed in the beach.

The horror story started when Maritess rented a new boarding house in the city. After few days, the landlord told her that he will be gone for few days to go to the province. During these days, Maritess met Nemia who is also living on that boarding house and she became her only companion inside the boarding house. Aside from having a companion inside, he also met Emerson (Rayver Cruz) outside who showed interest on her. She also saw and experienced strange things within the house which she can’t explain what it means that caused her to ignore some of it.

When another boarder came, she said that there was no other resident living in the boarding house aside from Maritess alone since the landlord is still at the province. Maritess was frightened after hearing this and questioned why she met Nemia (Ella Cruz) inside the house. When the landlord returned home, he also confirmed that Maritess is only alone when he left and Nemia was actually lost after not coming home five years ago together with Aya (Nathalie Hart).

This led them to investigate why the two nursing students were lost five years ago. Using the internet, they found some friends of the two and started to ask questions regarding the incident before the students were lost. Later, they also found a number inside Nemia’s planner and tried to trace it with their friends contact. As a result, they have discovered that it is a postpaid number previously owned by a businessman who is also a beach resort owner. It was the number that contacted Nemia’s friend before they were gone.

They have consulted this to the police but they were not convinced with the students’ testimonials and evidence found. Later, beach resort owner Quinito CastaƱeda (Rafael Rosell) was contacted by the police about what the students’ told them. This made the owner to be alerted and finds a way to contact Maritess to have things settled. Maritess and Rayver were taken by the resort owner’s friend Danny (Joross Gamboa) to the result to talk to the owner; however, it didn’t go well and Emerson got shot by Quinito. The incident revealed that they killed the two nursing students five years ago and were drowned in the sea with their body cemented inside a container.

While trying to drown Maritess and Emerson in the beach, the ghost of the dead nursing students appeared and took the two murderers to the sea. Their souls can now live in peace as they have avenged their death on that night.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 (2014)

kubot aswang

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 is a 2014 pinoy horror movie with bits of comedy, action and adventure which is co-written and directed by Erik Matti. It is the sequel to the 2012 film Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles. The film stars Dingdong Dantes again as Makoy, Joey Marquez as Nestor, along with the new cast members Isabelle Daza, Lotlot de Leon (Nieves), KC Montero (Dom) and Elizabeth Oropesa (Veron). It is an official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival and was released on December 25, 2014 in Philippine cinemas.

After surviving the Tiktik's attack in Pulupandan, Makoy decided to return to Manila, along with Sonia (wife), Nestor, and other survivors. However, the Kubots (hairy bat-like creatures) ambushed them along the way, killing Sonia by sucking all her blood until body gives up. This is to avenge their relatives (Tiktik) who were killed by Makoy during the fight. Makoy also loses his right arm after being stuck in the stumbled bus and the worst is, Veron, leader of the Kubot's in vengeance, took his son.

Makoy had no choice but to continue living along with his wife’s parents. He was also experiencing bad dreams having his son held in custody by Veron which shattered him every time Veron turned into a scary haired creature. He is still hoping that he could see his son someday.

Nieves had worked as assistant of Dr. Lex whom she doesn’t know that this doctor also has Aswang race who is living in the city. They don’t eat human’s blood but only from animals (animal diet for Aswang). Nieves already had few suspicions regarding the doctor’s behavior at night but she has no strong evidence to support this.

One night, a man was admitted due to an unconditional illness which was due to eating chorizos and other processed meat from the market. These products were processed from human flesh as a way of spreading the disease to become one of the Kubots or Aswangs. The doctor already knew that this is not an ordinary illness but instead due to those products. Dr. Lex tried to fight it using a whip but it had gone worse and also the Aswang race has been alerted that someone is punishing their new member.

The doctor and Makoy met and they joined forces fighting the leader of the Kubots in the city who is Dom whom Veron is also under his leadership but later decided to punish her along with Makoy and family. Together they have escaped and fought Dom until his death. Later, Makoy and his son reunited but he already knew that his son was already turned into one of the Kubots.

The end is still yet to come since another Aswang leader also appeared planning to avenge Dom’s death from Makoy.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Maria Leonora Teresa (2014)

Maria Leonora Teresa

Maria Leonora Teresa is a 2014 pinoy horror movie starring Zanjoe Marudo (Julio), Jodi Sta. Maria (Stella) and Iza Calzado (Faith). The three have daughters: Julio as a single parent and a gay has Leonora, Stella not happily married has Teresa and Faith with loving husband has Maria. The kids are great and very active in school activities despite each family’s situation.

The unfortunate event happened when the school bus got out of control due to a child’s ghost that appeared inside the bus. This had caused the horrible accident when the bus accidentally fell off the bridge leaving everyone dead. The incident sends a shock to the parents since most of them had only one child which is now dead. The parents suffered too much depression and random delusions everyday causing them to believe that the three kids were still alive.

After few months, a psychiatrist visited each of the three families and offered a solution to their loneliness. He introduced himself as Manolo Apacible, a psychiatrist and is conducting an experimental psychology. He offered a child-sized doll for each parents to cope up with too much sorrow due to their loss. The dolls are equipped with automatic greetings audio such as “Good morning Daddy!, Good morning Mommy!..” and will also laugh randomly. Out of the three parents, only Julio accepted one of the dolls to be the replacement of her daughter Leonora.

As the days passed, Julio has surpassed loneliness and is happy for having the living dead doll. Later, he also encouraged Stella and Faith to have the dolls as replacement of Maria and Teresa to their lives as he had proven it to be effective and has given him the will to survive after what had happened to them. The time comes when the two have been convinced and also accepted the dolls. After then, they did not saw the psychiatrist again.

The interesting part happened when aside from the joy that the dolls brought to them, people around them experienced opposite feelings caused by unusual behavior of the dolls. These incidents include: the dolls speaking as if it is alive, dolls suddenly disappear (transferred to another location) and its facial appearance randomly changes. The gentle looking dolls are now turned into haunted and creepy dolls without the parent’s knowledge. The people around them were injured or died one by one due to the evil dolls rage. The three parents didn’t believe at first but when they saw it themselves, they are now sure that those dolls were haunted. The dolls resemble “Chucky the killer doll” as seen in doll horror movies that kills people brutally.

Later they found out that these dolls are voodoo dolls managed by the witch psychiatrist who happened to the father of Eldon, the child who died earlier in school due to fire. They also discovered from a paranormal expert that these evil dolls were given to them as a medium of revenge to the things that they have done to Eldon while he’s still alive. These includes Julio (as a teacher) locking Eldon in the classroom before the fire was accidentally started, Stella refusing to testify and Faith’s family paid the lawyers to exclude them from the accident. To stop the killings, they should stop Manolo from ordering the dolls to kill them and have Eldon’s body to be blessed by holy water before burying.

They've managed to succeed in fighting Manolo and the three evil dolls which resulted to Julio’s death after saving them from Manolo’s rage. However, the revenge didn’t stop on the three of them.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sundo (2009)

Sundo is a 2009 pinoy horror movie that literally means “someone to pick you up when it’s your turn to die”. The story started after Romano (Robin Padilla) as a soldier survived and recovered from a war whom he’s the only one to come home alive. After waking up in a hospital, he started seeing something different around him and these are ghosts of the dead. He didn’t realized at first what it meant to him until they follow him even at home. Romano didn’t show fear to the people around him at home but it’s obvious to them that he has something that he’s afraid of.

Louella (Sunshine Dizon), Romano’s childhood friend and now a medical doctor visited them and confessed to have peace after their own family’s troubles and offered help to Isabel (Rhian Ramos), Romano’s blind sister to be checked by an expert ophthalmologist. Romano didn’t agree at first but due to his sister’s condition, he also accepted the offer later. They travel from Baguio to Manila to take Isabel to the doctor. Along with them is an aspiring actress, Kristina (Katrina Halili), a widow, Lumen (Glydel Mercado), and her nephew, Eric (Hero Angeles) and Louella’s driver Baste (Mark Bautista). 

In the highway, Romano dreamed about an accident for unfortunately he saved them all from committing it but later Romano again saw the ghosts and even heard a baby crying. He saw many of them and decided to quickly leave the area. While eating in a cheap restaurant along the way, Romano saw again a ghost (sundo) that triggers someone will die later. Unfortunately, it was Lumen who died in the comfort room due to falling carpentry tools to her head. With this, she didn’t make it to her husband’s wake alive.

Later in the hospital, Romano indeed saw again a ghost hanging on the ceiling. It was the sundo of Eric but he didn’t know at first. It was in the wake of Lumen’s husband when he recognized the dead and again the sundo take Eric who died electrocuted. Suspicions has now arise that made them go back to Kristina’s residence to warn her but she didn’t believed them and instead get out of the house. It was then revealed that Kristina has a twin who is now her sundo and will take her dead. Kristina died in a spa where Romano and company were late to save her.

Baste suggested that Romano should consult a spirit questor and immediately located her but before she can tell how to avoid with the hauntings, Baste died after seeing also his sundo (the ghost of his father). The three remained calm and tried to escape the ghosts but instead of escaping them, they faced the ghost and later their sundo took them all.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Guwapings: The First Adventure (1992)

Guwapings: The First Adventure is a 1992 pinoy horror movie starring three of the most promising actors in their generation - Jomari Yllana (Mike), Mark Anthony Fernandez (Bambi) and Eric Fructuoso (Archie). Group of kids along with their driver Buddy (Anjo Yllana) headed to a forest to play war games when suddenly they got lost in the middle of the woods. Before anyone finds the way home they encountered strange things in the woods. Not knowing the risk of the place they each of them struggled to find way home since sun is setting soon. Also their other companions searched for them in the woods since they bored and worried of waiting. This is the start of the unexpected teenager's horror adventure.

Upon searching they also find strangers such as beautiful ladies at night and other locals who say that the place is dangerous because it’s the place of the Aswang (Flesh eating humans). At first, they didn’t believe until they find of their fellows dead with bite mark in the neck. Now they already discovered that what the locals said is true. On the other hand, there are also girls who had been kidnapped by kidnappers who only want money in exchange but before they can get the money the two girls escaped along with the kidnapper’s girlfriend and allies. Now the situation becomes complicated when they accidentally meet in the woods escaping from the Aswangs and the kidnappers. 

Out of luck, the kidnappers were killed by some of the Aswangs in the woods and only the teens can help themselves against the flesh eating night hunters. While finding the way, they saw an elder’s house where they decided to stay for the night to avoid the danger but the Aswang attacked them and captured the two girls. They have no other choice but to save the fellow teens that has been kidnapped by the Aswang. With this, they prepared some weapons including sharpen woods as spears and lots of garlic which are proven that can kill Aswangs. The kids fought the Aswangs but they are a lot stronger at night so the kids keep fighting using their weapons until they discovered that it was nearly dawn and soon sunlight will be visible so they shoot the walls of the old building that made the sunlight penetrate the inside and killed the Aswangs.

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