Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wang Fam (2015)

wang fam horror comedy movie

Wang Fam is a 2015 pinoy horror comedy movie starring the Aswang family Pokwang (Malou Wang), Benjie Paras (Boo Wang),  Andre Paras (Duke Wang), Abby Bautista (Kala Wang) and Alonzo Muhlach (Vey Wang).

The story started when Malou was scheduled to be offered to her elder Aswang queen. The queen wanted to use her body while she was still virgin as part of the Aswang prophecy. However, she fell in love to botanist Boo who was camping at their territory to do experiments on plants that could possible cure diseases. The two decided to secretly get married to avoid being used by the queen during body transfer.

During the ceremony in transferring the spirit of the queen to Malou’s body, his brother Jokjok (Wendell Ramos) wondered why it took more than four hours and the ritual was unsuccessful. Later, one of the elder Aswang revealed that Malou was already not a virgin that caused the ritual to fail. 

Boo rescued her and was also converted into Aswang after Malou bit him to fight evenly with the Aswang clan who tried to hurt them.

When the two escaped, they started a family and got three children Duke, Kala and Vey. They didn’t live their lives normally as they kept on transferring places to avoid being revealed as Aswangs. They later decided to transfer to Manila to live in Boo’s parents’ mansion.

When the family came, someone saw their forms as monsters and tried to tell it to everybody.  The neighbors tried to mock and tag them as Aswang but they always find a way to deny it to everybody despite their pale skin color. Duke also fell in love with their neighbor’s daughter. The children went to school as normal after Boo discovered an antidote to prevent the sun from burning them.

After few months, many were murdered within their place which was done by Malou’s brother Jokjok and his gang. The three monsters also lived in the boarding house of Wang family’s neighbor where they pretended to be call center agents who only go out by night.

Wang children discovered this and told their parents. Jokjok abducted Duke’s girlfriend in exchange for Kala who will be the replacement of Malou for the sacrifice as the eclipse is coming. With this, the family revealed their true identity to the neighbors and promised to help them save the kidnapped boarders.

Wang family saved them using holy water and their own strength as Aswang and they’ve defeated Jokjok and the other members of the clan. Vey also showed his might as a werewolf which ended the war against the Aswang clan.

Kulimlim (2004)

kulimlim possessed husband

Kulimlim is a 2004 pinoy suspense movie starring Robin Padilla (Jake) and Tanya Garcia (Hannah). Kulimlim is a Filipino term for nightfall.

The movie talks about a loving father who will do everything to protect his family. His family has a horrible past when Hannah was raped by three persons.

The three were sent to jail after they were captured; however, they were released after few years in jail. With this, Jake sent his family to a far place where there is no communication to avoid the three suspects from getting back to them. He asked his uncle, a retired police officer to help him eliminate the three.

Upon releasing, the three suspects were taken by Jake uncle’s men and they were killed. This is where the story started when the spirits of the three suspects haunted and possessed Jake. All the attitude and gestures of the suspects get inside Jake’s body. Jake committed an accident way back home and this changed him. He came back home with a different personality and started to look for his son and disregarded his daughter.

Days go by and the incident changed him a lot. He started to hurt his daughter and his wife and only cared about his son. The kid was the result of the crime committed by the three suspects before. The demonic possession got worse and Jake started to teach his son about holding a gun and also about killing someone. In fact, one of their caretaker was killed when his son was possessed by demonic spirits.

Because of this, Hannah tried to protect her daughter and tried to save her son from her possessed husband. Hannah attempted to escape but was always caught by Jake. She tried to fight Jake and this led her daughter to escape and seek help from the neighbors.

After attempting to escape again, Hannah had almost got away but Jake chased her and her son. To stop Jake, she stabbed him with the metal cross that was given to her to protect her from any harm. Jake died before the police and the neighbors came to rescue them. They have stopped the danger but it seems not the end since her son was also possessed. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Haunted Mansion (2015)

haunted mansion pinoy horror movie

Haunted Mansion is a 2015 pinoy horror movie and an official entry to MMFF 2015. The movie stars Janella Salvador as Ella and few of the hottest young talents today.

Ella in her childhood is weird since she possessed a third eye that can see all kinds of spirits. She even talked to her grandmother’s spirit few hours after she died. Her parents won’t believe her at first but after they have confirmed that indeed she could talk to the spirits or ghosts of the dead, they’ve keep it as secret but she was also the reason why her father died after calling her uncle’s spirit.

After her father died, she kept telling her younger brother and sister about the happy moments with her father when he was still alive.

At school, she’s been bullied by her classmates due to her being weird but she ignored it all the time. Ella also happens to have two suitors whom later became complicated because one is her friend Adrian (Marlo Mortel) who is secretly attracted to her and the other one is Jacob (Jerome Ponce) who was previously courting Megan (Ingrid Dela Paz) but always get neglected as part of Megan’s trick. This made Megan mad at her since Jacob was already started to be attracted to her.   

As part of their retreat, the students were taken to an old mansion which was already known for being horrible and mysterious due to different rumors about crying lady and black lady. They have been warned not to touch anything inside the mansion as they might disturb the spirits. At first, the student obeyed the rules but later they started to scare the others by wearing horrible masks and chasing the others.

This incident got the guys in trouble since Ella was scared by one of Jacob’s friends and Adrian defended her from them. The fight started but later stopped by Father Anthony (Dominic Ochoa) and Miss Gonzales (Janice de Belen) as their guardians in the retreat. But this was not the end of the guys’ play; they later tried to put a celfone inside the confessional room to record the black lady’s confession as what the rumors say.

The horrible thing happened when the phone successfully recorded the black lady’s confession. With this, anyone who heard the confession will eventually die in minutes after the burned man and evil black lady shows up and cut everyone’s tongue. After Miss Gonzales and Faye (Sharlene San Pedro) died, they discovered that the evil black lady who is killing every one of them is not Veronica (LJ Reyes) as the rumored black lady in the confessional room but indeed Amara (Iza Calzado). Amara did not want everyone to know that she was responsible of Jaime’s (Joem Bascon) death, the boyfriend of Veronica. The death of Veronica was due to sorrow because of what Amara did, the reason she committed suicide after confessing the incident few years ago.

Since Ella can talk to spirits, she tried to talk to Veronica and Jaime in the spirit world and was informed to destroy or burn Amara’s remains to stop her from killing them all. Only Ella was left after Amara’s rage but she had managed to burn her partially. Ella was hospitalized and later taken home to rest since she also suffered amnesia due to the incident in the mansion.

However, after three months when her memory gets back, Amara also get back to her and nearly killed her since she had already risen from the dead but Ella again managed to take the rosary and placed on Amara. This burned her fully to ashes and Ella lived.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Buy Now, Die Later (2015)

buy now die later horror movie, haunted antique shop, horror in antique shop

Buy Now, Die Later is a 2015 pinoy comedy horror movie and one of the entries in Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 directed by Randolph Longjas. The movie is starred by Vhong Navarro as Odie – an aspiring photo journalist, Alex Gonzaga as Chloe – a rising star, Rayver Cruz as Ato – aspiring chef, John Lapus as Pippa – a gay wishing to be loved, Lotlot de Leon as Maita – Chloe’s mother, Janine Gutierrez as young Maita and TJ Trinidad as Santi – the evil antique shop owner.

Each character of this movie has its own horror story that is related to five senses - sense of sight (Masid), hearing (Dinig), smell (Halimuyak), touch (Kanti) and taste (Sarap) on how they got to buy one of the antique products of Santi. Upon buying anything, Santi has three conditions that the buyer needs to agree and sign the contract and it’s not as simple as that since after signing, the proof will be a cut on their palms that resembles an agreement to the devil. A deviation of the three terms will result to horrible and unwanted incidents to each of the buyers.

Masid – Odie dreamt of becoming a successful photo journalist; however, he’s very unfortunate when his camera was stolen during attempt capturing photos of a politician and his mistress. This is the time he came across with Santi’s antique shop and bought the antique camera that made him famous due to fresh scoops taken from murdered victims around the city. He also started to see shadows appearing randomly and tried to ignore it not knowing that deaths were triggered by him after deviating one of the three conditions.

Dinig – Chloe is an aspiring star who wanted to become popular with the encouragement of her mother; however, she failed the audition due to her singing imperfections. She bought the antique cellphone from the antique shop that made her popular and also deadly since everything she asked from the phone is given including the death of her competitor. She cannot anymore escape from the voice that’s always calling her and now made her life horrible.

Halimuyak – Pippa bought the antique perfume that made him very attractive to men due to unexplained scent. However, the men turned into zombie-looking men who always wanted to catch him and this made his life miserable.

Sarap – Ato bought the antique recipe booklet which has the powerful recipes that no one could beat. His restaurant became very popular due to the recipes but also turned him into a killer since the recipes mentioned in the booklet are not just natural foods but human’s internal organs.

Kanti – Maita missed her younger days after having her daughter Chloe. She bought the antique anti-aging cream that turned her into a young lady but it just makes her life dangerous when someone tried to rape her at the back of the bar.

They were all connected due to the agreement with the devil. Santi was defeated after they have broke the things inside the shop and burned the contracts.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Feng Shui 2 (2014)

feng shui 2 horror movie, coco martin kris aquino horror movie,bagwa curse

Feng Shui 2 is a 2014 sequel of the previous 2004 release in which Kris Aquino (Joy) teams up with Coco Martin (Lester) to destroy the bagwa and its curse that caused their families’ and friends’ lives to be lost.

Joy already lived her life in peace after she lost her whole family and friends and the bagwa was transferred to another owner who also experienced luck in their lives. On the other hand, the last owner who possessed the bagwa was unfortunate when the whole family died because of the Lotus Feet’s curse.

The bagwa was taken by Mr. Liao (Joonee Gamboa) to the temple to keep it hidden from other possible owners and to keep anyone from danger. However, Lester - a hired thief stole the bagwa from the temple for money to support his mother which is an alcoholic. He turned over immediately the bagwa to the Chinese fellow who hired him. Unfortunately, he later found out that the bagwa already followed him home and now above their doorstep.

Lester started to get luck from it when he found a wallet with ATM card full of money but bad luck also happened to him in parallel when the gang in their place almost took his motorcycle triggering a fight which he survived temporarily. Another good luck came when his father visited them and took him and his mother to a new home. His father was new promoted in his job. Lester also ignored the SMS messages asking him to return the bagwa. But later after his mother and father make out in bed, his mother took some of the wine secretly, but due to the curse, his mother can’t stop drinking that caused the commotion inside the house. As a result, her mother died after falling in the backyard. Their lives have been cursed and will take them all once not stopped.

After the death of his mother, they again received luck when something is delivered to their house. Lester tried to destroy the bagwa by pounding a hammer on the floor but Joy came as a company representative and was shocked by what she saw. The bagwa has also been restored immediately and is again appeared above the door. She warned Lester to refuse the graces that they received while there is still time. Joy also sensed some strange things around her and Mr. Liao told her that bagwa again found her.

Together they teamed up with Lily (Cherry Pie Picache), a previous owner to look for the bagwa and destroy it but they were only tricked by her when she intentionally lied that the bagwa did not come back to her house. Later, Lily also died after the Lotus Feet appeared. Lester was also shot by Joy’s fiancĂ© after getting the bagwa from Joy’s door. Lester, Joy and Mr. Liao tried hard to get back the bagwa to the temple to destroy it but they encountered trouble in the street causing Mr. Liao to be stabbed to death.

At last, Joy and Lester made it to the temple and destroyed the bagwa together but Joy later discovered that it was indeed only Lester’s spirit who helped her. She found Lester’s body on the doorstep of the temple that means he actually didn’t make it physically. The bagwa’s cursed was successfully stopped but she suspected that her fiancĂ© also died in the street that they left to reach the temple.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tumbok (2011)

tumbok horror movie, tumbo beliefs, tumbok house

Tumbok is a 2011 pinoy horror movie about hauntings in a condominium unit starring Cristine Reyes (Grace) and Carlo Aquino (Ronnie). Tumbok is believed to be a bad Feng Shui. This location is in T-junction wherein you door is facing the road that is pointing to your direction. Properties built in this location (tumbok houses) will experience lots of bad lucks.

When Ronnie’s father died, a lawyer handed him a document claiming some property in Manila. It is a condominium where they used to live before when he’s still a kid. With this, the couple decided to move there to build a family of their own and also to take advantage of the place.

Upon transferring, Mark (Ryan Eigenmann) introduced the place in which Ronnie could not remember anymore what had happened before in that place. Mark also claimed that his family and Ronnie’s were business partners and he was tasked to save the place for Ronnie.

In the first day of their stay, Grace already saw and sensed many strange things in the building such crying baby, child entering in their unit and so with weird neighbors. She told Ronnie about those things but he didn’t believe her. After few days some bad things happened when their student neighbors died due to explosion caused by leaking tank gas. Also, Grace also dreamed about Mark forcing her in bed.

Ronnie’s cousin Lumen (LJ Moreno) came to their place and told Grace that there are many misfortunes to be experienced in that building since the location of the place is right at the center surrounded by other buildings. This tumbok beliefs lead them to perform a candle session with the unit as part of tumbok tips learned by Lumen. Lumen was also warned by their kid neighbor to take care but she didn’t take it seriously on her way out of the building. Later, Lumen was killed by a mad man outside cutting her head off with a bolo.

Grace also learned from her neighbor that Ronnie’s mother is still alive and currently in a mental ward. The story was - Ronnie’s mother killed his sister when he was a kid claiming that they are not her kids but instead from the devil. This is the reason why Ronnie and his father migrated to the province to live peacefully away from his ruthless mother.

Bad things happened in the next few days where Ronnie and his drunkard neighbor had a fight. Mark also appeared and claimed that he is Ronnie’s father and he was the devil as mentioned by his mother. Mark said that things will happen over and over again in that building since he is Ronnie’s father and connected with the devil. He also claimed that the child in Grace’s womb is Ronnie’s brother and not his son. The story revealed that what happened with Ronnie’s mother will also happen to Grace.

To end this, Ronnie committed suicide but the things that Mark had mentioned indeed happened to Grace and she turned out to be insane claiming that it’s the devil’s child which needs to be killed. The horror in that building remained unstoppable as the new tenants came to live there. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shake Rattle & Roll XV (2014)

shake rattle roll xv 15
Shake Rattle & Roll XV  is a 2014 pinoy horror movie that is composed of three stories namely “Ahas”, “Ulam” and “Flight 666”.


The movie stars Erich Gonzales as the twin sisters Sandra and Sarah (Ahas/snake). The story started when Troy’s (JC de Vera) wife (Solenn Heusaff) was suddenly locked out inside a fitting room of a famous mall and killed by the lady snake Sarah in the basement. This incident led Troy to seek for reasons on why his wife didn’t come back. He worked in the mall and also became the love interest of Sandra, the mall owner’s (Alberto/Ariel Rivera) daughter.

Sandra was about to celebrate her 25th birthday when suddenly Sarah escaped from the basement of the mall where she was hidden. Sarah is half human and half snake in which fed by bad shoppers that shoplifts things from the mall. She already killed many of them after she had accidentally tried to eat human when someone fell off the basement. She was also in love with Troy after seeing him wandering at the mall.

Alberto tried to kill Sarah to stop her after what she had done to people despite the riches that she had given to the mall. Unfortunately, Alberto was killed by her snake daughter while Sandra couldn’t do anything. Later, Sarah was killed by Troy after being swallowed alive and finds his way out slashing the snake's stomach.


This story stars Carla Abellana (Aimee) and Dennis Trillo (Henry). The couple decided to go back to their ancestral house with their daughter Julie in which only the caretaker Aling Lina lives there. After few days of staying there, the couple continuously had misunderstanding that also affected their daughter.

The couple was served by caretaker with delicious foods but they didn’t let their kid eat it. Later the two suffered too much craving of eating fresh meats and other animal flesh which they could not control anymore. This resulted to Aimee to be more violent and nearly killed their daughter causing her to be rushed for medication.

Aimee also become more violent and stabbed the nurses and doctors in the hospital and found her way to go home. The coupled was in trouble while Aling Lina watches them along with her hidden hunchback son who helped her capture Julie. They fought while Aling Lina revealed that she did it to them to avenge the cruelty of Henry’s grandparents to her in which her hunchback son was indeed Henry’s grandfather’s son.

The couple hurt each other due to the potion given to them but later got their sanity and Aling Lina’s son was killed and so with Henry. Luckily, Aimee and Julie lived.

Flight 666

The story stars Lovi Poe as Karen  and Matteo Guidicelli as Dave. They were previously a couple but they broke up due to the accidentally aborted child of Karen.

The two met again in a plane not knowing the danger that this flight will brought to them. On board are mix of personalities from social, professional, geeks and a secret hijacker. Inside the plane, a lady was about to give birth to her son which was later discovered that it was a sibling of an unknown creature in their province that are believed to be enchanted and powerful.

In line with this incident, a hijacker who was a previous employee of the plane company also declared his intention that shocked the passengers. He did this because he was recently terminated and now coming back for money.

On the other hand, the pregnant lady successfully gave birth to her son with the assistance of Dave but was very unfortunate because the baby died upon delivery. However, along with the troubles in the plane, the passengers were terrified after seeing dead co-passengers which was indeed done by the dead baby who turned into a monster (tiyanak) who moves fast and killed each of the passengers inside the plane. Once the baby is hit by the moonlight, it turns into a normal baby but will revert into a monster once covered by darkness. They tried to fight the evil baby but some only died. Later, the survivors have managed to escape after landing and the plane exploded.

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