Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Monday, December 13, 2010


This movie is an adaptation of Arnold's Predator which group of soldiers are out in the jungle to rescue a military superior from the rebel kidnappers. The base camp of the enemies are in the far side of the jungle and before any military troops who want to follow them will pass in many subcamps of the bandits. The will of saving the superior take the soldiers to the risk where they encounter some of the enemies in the woods. After they passed the enemies' camps they discovered that the next camp is out of living beings, they found dead people and even children and elders. They found a girl who hid in the barrel of water, she is very scared and tormented as she appeared to them. While on the way she tried to escape from the soldiers but still they got her back. As they found the camp where the Major is kept they bravely rescue him. They got him successfully, but along the way lies the beast which came out from nowhere whose responsible for the deaths in the prevoius camp they've passed. As how Predator look like this monster is very similar, shooting lasers and cutting people's body. They fight the monster and as they escaped few of the soldiers vanished as they were taken below the ground or up in the woods by the ferrocious beast. The captain let the major and the rest, with the girl to escape while he is left to fight the monster but the others refuse to left him. They help to fight the monster, the captain cut branches of the trees and put it in the hole buried on the ground. As the monster face them, he luckily put himself near the hole and the captain uses a long sharp pole to throw him down, the monster fell down the hole and exploded with explosives they put below. This movie is full of suspense as you watched it.

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