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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pa Siyam

Pa Siyam is a traditional Filipino nine-day prayer after the burial session of the dead. After the death of their mother, the sons and daughters gathered for the nine-day prayer and as they go along investigating who killed their mother. Some are blaming themselves and caused conflict within the family.

Before the end of the nine days, some strange incident happened. The ghost of their mother is noticed in some unexplained situations and it seems that she has something to say to her sons and daughters.

In the final night they discovered writings in the wall of their names, all of them. After that they call the spirit of their mother and ask who killed her but when the ghost showed up she blames her sons and daughters because she died in too much sorrow while they are away in other places without thinking about her condition.

The story ended when their mother take her younger daughter's life. Their retarded youngest sister commited suicide hanging herself above her bed. As they have blamed by their mother, she take their youngest sister with her. She's with her mother in heaven now as an exchange of their long time absence in the sight of their mother.

Movie Feedback
This horror movie is a family-oriented story that actually happens to some families once they left their parents for their career in far places. The movie brought a shaking and scary revelations as you watch it.

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