Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Monday, September 26, 2011


Get Bulong now!

The movie is a pack of horror and comedy which makes it more interesting to watch. It talks about a morgue assistant who works in a hospital and assigned to the morgue to deliver cadavers. He has a love interest with a nurse and no matter how hard he try the nurse never liked him, that's because she also has an affair with a doctor inside the hospital.

Despaired feelings brought him to discover techniques to make that girl fall in love with him as a result his friend suggested that whispering your likes to dead people can make it come true. At first he failed because he can't find the right cadaver to whisper so he drink liquors desperately.

One night on the street she encountered an old woman and advised him to drink moderately, after few minutes the old woman was bumped by a car and dead on the spot so he take the chances of whispering to her and suddenly the surroundings is filled with strong winds and everything floats in seconds.

After that, on the next day he noticed that girls in the hospital cheers to him but the ghost of the old woman hunts him and delivers horrible effect to the persons around him. Later he discovered that the old woman was a retired witch and searching for her grand daughter to help her because in her witch days she was paid to curse a girl with rivalry in love and the discover that the rival of her client was her grand daughter.

So with the help of his friend they trace the old woman's grand daughter and save her from the curse with the use of holy water.

Interesting movie to watch and with lessons to learn as you go along watching the movie.

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