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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Segunda Mano

segunda mano horror movie

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Segunda Mano is a 2011 pinoy horror movie that literally means "second hand". This movie talks about an antique shop owner, Mabel (Kris Aquino) haunted by her past when she lost her sister drowned at the beach in her younger years. She always saw her sister's ghost sometimes and even in her dreams. The twist of the story starts when she met Ivan (Dingdong Dantes) and fall in love with him. Ivan has a daughter with her separated her wife Mariella.

She also bought a bag to change her looks and make Ivan more attracted to her and make her daughter like her and trust her. Since she bought her bag strange things happened seeing things that she shouldn't see like the ghost of Mariella. People around her starts to die and worried if her bestfriend and her mother will be next.

Worried about the horrible things that had happened she realizes that the ghost of Ivan's wife has something to say to her or have a message like help.

As the story goes she found out that the only way to drive the ghost away from her is to break up with Ivan even if he already gave her engagement ring but Ivan doesn't agree with her so as what she was saying that she sees his wife's ghost.

The thrill starts when things owned by Mariella started to show up like the first bag, and then the dress and finally the car. She drove the car away from her bestfriend and the car takes her to where Mariella died. She found out that Mariella really cheated on Ivan with another man on the car and then Ivan followed them and killed the man and Mariella and drowned the car at the creek. That's why many are saying that the place is haunted because someone is showing late at night to the travelers.

The movie ends with struggle between Ivan and Mabel and the revelation that Ivan is the one responsible for all the killings that had happened. Ivan in his childhood witnesses his mother cheating on his father so it affected him and made him a secret psycho.

Mabel saves her mother from Ivan and the ghost of Mariella helped her to defeat Ivan and die in the pool. Later she discovered that Mariella is her lost sister and now she's in peace.