Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Maricel plays the role of a lady vampire who came from a family of vampire and after escaping from being encouraged by his brother to kill humans to feed their hunger, she came to other place and get married. From then she feel so hard to get away from her real self when time comes that nature calls.

The movie is very interesting to watch because she was saved by the church when she believes that God can help her and she still can change for the sake of her family.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara

Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara means "kill Barbara with a shock", is a classic horror movie that talks about family and love triangle. Barbara and Ruth are sisters and when Barbara and Nick met they fell in love with each other. As their love story arouse Ruth confesses to Barbara that she also fell in love with Nick.

As the elder sister, Barbara gives way to Nick and Ruth and they got married as Barbara starts her new life away from them but even she's away Nick always finds a way to communicate with her and saying that he still loves her. As Ruth and Nick's marriage go along Ruth notices the difference of how Nick treated her, it seems that he is in love with somebody and that hurts her.

Their marriage was in trouble even if they already had a daughter that's Karen. Without any clue Ruth decided to commit suicide casting a curse that she would return to take vengeance to whoever Nick fell in love to, that was also witnessed by her daughter Karen.

After the death of Ruth, Barbara returned home and wondered about the mystery of Ruth's death. The following days was horrible when she started to dream about Ruth saying that's she's the reason why Nick doesn't love her. Karen also treated her differently and it seems that she don't like her Auntie. Barbara then started to see Ruth's images anywhere she goes and that's the start when Ruth's soul haunted them both but Nick and Barbara stays strong and fought the haunting.

The struggle between the soul of Ruth and both of them gets complicated when someone else dies because of her soul's vengeance. The story ended when Nick decided to go with Ruth's soul and he dies falling off the cliff.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Panday 2

Panday is a very old action horror movie that is until being remade with new concepts to make the movie still alive.

Panday is a dialect for metal molder and he is Flavio, he discovered a metal coming from the sky as a comet and molded it as his knife and whenever there as evil forces like monster, vampires and flying creatures the knife then turns into a sword.

His worst enemy is Lizardo which has the evil powers to control evil forces and kill people in their place. He battled the evil forces and defeat Lizardo in the end.

This movie has many versions and until now it being relived with newest actors and actresses. The story of Panday still lives on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elias Paniki

Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elias Paniki is a classic pinoy horror movie about a local ghost buster in the far rural area of the Philippines. Elias Paniki is a known character in their place that has the physical and fantastic ability to fight over demons that has almost conquered their place.
Elias is only an ordinary grave digger in their place that is burying dead victims that was killed by the demons. After his wife and kids were taken by the evil forces and slain, Elias is in rage to have revenge to those responsible for the death of his family.

One night an old stranger appeared to him and gave his headband to Elias and said that he can only use the power when the old man is dead and this death will be noticed by Elias once the headband lighted and it happened after few months of waiting. The headband has a bat pasted in it that will appear at the forehead when he wears it, a symbol of a night dweller and demon slayer.

He then encountered many forms of evil forces and win the battle against them, along with him is an orphaned kid that has the same situation with Elias when his family was killed by evil forces. The demon also appeared to him mimicking his wife but Elias tried hard to overcome it and avoid being fooled. Elias also helped a woman who was possessed by the devil and became his love interest.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

The movie is not much of a horror but a mysterious funny movie about individuals who experienced "soul displacement" after a car crash during solar eclipse. Their souls separate from their bodies and enter to another body that made them exchange personalities. The person involved in the story are:

a. a bride
b. a maid
c. and old man
d. a gay stylist
e. a prosecutor

Those personalities exchanged by time and they seemed to be insane in the eyes of the persons around them. The bride enters the prosecutors body which is her auntie, the old man enters the gay stylist body, the prosecutor to the maid's body, the maid to the old man's body and the gay stylist to the bride's body. This happens to the magnetic hill where at the time they crashed is also the time total solar eclipse occur which they suspected as phenomenon effect.

They tried to return to their own bodies by going to magnetic hill again and crashed their cars but along trying their souls entered again another bodies interchanging the five of them. After many attempts they succeeded at last and lived happily ever after.

Petrang Kabayo

This movie is not much of a horror movie but a fantasy comedy movie about human turning into a horse because of a curse.

The story tackles about Peter where in his younger days he was physically abused by her Father because of being gay and everything he does following his desires of dressing like a girl was against his Father. One day he decided to get away carrying nothing just to escape from the cruelty of his Father. He fainted in the street and a rich woman found him and adopt him as a member of her family.

Everything changes since he was adopted because his attitude also changes as he becomes rich. He became cruel to this service masters at home and even in their ranch workers who take care of their horses. One day he was cursed by a "mysterious horse god" that if he will do bad things to others he will turn into a horse and he can go back in his human form if he will do good things.So everytime he can't control himself in insulting others the transformation starts and the antidote for stopping the curse is when someone kiss him to the lips.

The twist of the story is very interesting because he also met his Father again and insulted him and found out that his Father was looking for him many years ago after he fled and married again that's why he has a little sister. Until then he learned to forgive his Father after all.

He surpassed the curse in the end when being a horse he do good things to help others and he also entered a horse race driven by his ranch worker that kissed him in the end that's why he became human again.

Comedy and drama combined that makes Vice Ganda a very flexible actor and comedian. The movie brings fun and laughter as you go along watching it to the end.