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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

The movie is not much of a horror but a mysterious funny movie about individuals who experienced "soul displacement" after a car crash during solar eclipse. Their souls separate from their bodies and enter to another body that made them exchange personalities. The person involved in the story are:

a. a bride
b. a maid
c. and old man
d. a gay stylist
e. a prosecutor

Those personalities exchanged by time and they seemed to be insane in the eyes of the persons around them. The bride enters the prosecutors body which is her auntie, the old man enters the gay stylist body, the prosecutor to the maid's body, the maid to the old man's body and the gay stylist to the bride's body. This happens to the magnetic hill where at the time they crashed is also the time total solar eclipse occur which they suspected as phenomenon effect.

They tried to return to their own bodies by going to magnetic hill again and crashed their cars but along trying their souls entered again another bodies interchanging the five of them. After many attempts they succeeded at last and lived happily ever after.

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