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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara

Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara means "kill Barbara with a shock", is a classic horror movie that talks about family and love triangle. Barbara and Ruth are sisters and when Barbara and Nick met they fell in love with each other. As their love story arouse Ruth confesses to Barbara that she also fell in love with Nick.

As the elder sister, Barbara gives way to Nick and Ruth and they got married as Barbara starts her new life away from them but even she's away Nick always finds a way to communicate with her and saying that he still loves her. As Ruth and Nick's marriage go along Ruth notices the difference of how Nick treated her, it seems that he is in love with somebody and that hurts her.

Their marriage was in trouble even if they already had a daughter that's Karen. Without any clue Ruth decided to commit suicide casting a curse that she would return to take vengeance to whoever Nick fell in love to, that was also witnessed by her daughter Karen.

After the death of Ruth, Barbara returned home and wondered about the mystery of Ruth's death. The following days was horrible when she started to dream about Ruth saying that's she's the reason why Nick doesn't love her. Karen also treated her differently and it seems that she don't like her Auntie. Barbara then started to see Ruth's images anywhere she goes and that's the start when Ruth's soul haunted them both but Nick and Barbara stays strong and fought the haunting.

The struggle between the soul of Ruth and both of them gets complicated when someone else dies because of her soul's vengeance. The story ended when Nick decided to go with Ruth's soul and he dies falling off the cliff.

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