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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Petrang Kabayo

This movie is not much of a horror movie but a fantasy comedy movie about human turning into a horse because of a curse.

The story tackles about Peter where in his younger days he was physically abused by her Father because of being gay and everything he does following his desires of dressing like a girl was against his Father. One day he decided to get away carrying nothing just to escape from the cruelty of his Father. He fainted in the street and a rich woman found him and adopt him as a member of her family.

Everything changes since he was adopted because his attitude also changes as he becomes rich. He became cruel to this service masters at home and even in their ranch workers who take care of their horses. One day he was cursed by a "mysterious horse god" that if he will do bad things to others he will turn into a horse and he can go back in his human form if he will do good things.So everytime he can't control himself in insulting others the transformation starts and the antidote for stopping the curse is when someone kiss him to the lips.

The twist of the story is very interesting because he also met his Father again and insulted him and found out that his Father was looking for him many years ago after he fled and married again that's why he has a little sister. Until then he learned to forgive his Father after all.

He surpassed the curse in the end when being a horse he do good things to help others and he also entered a horse race driven by his ranch worker that kissed him in the end that's why he became human again.

Comedy and drama combined that makes Vice Ganda a very flexible actor and comedian. The movie brings fun and laughter as you go along watching it to the end.

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