Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Friday, May 11, 2012


Tarot is a 2009 pinoy horror movie that talks about the knowledge and power of fortune telling or tarot cards reading that caused misfortunes to the people around the one who has it. Cara (Marian Rivera) was trained by her Lola Auring (Gloria Romero) about tarot reading and tell the future of anyone wishing to know it. It so happened that she lost her boyfriend Miguel (Dennis Trillo) in the forest after they got lost. There's no trace of him around the woods. After the incident she came home in vain and still wishing that Miguel is alive and she doesn't lost her hopes to find him again. Her friends go back to the forest and search for possible traces of Miguel but they just end up getting tired finding nothing. One day Cara decided to use her knowledge in tarot reading that she learned from her late Lola Auring (Gloria Romero) just to find Miguel.

While on the table with her mother Diana (Susan Africa), she find some spells to make the tarots work and show him the answers. Upon trying, the tarots slowly gave her the answers to where she can find Miguel in the forest. So after getting the answers she wanted, they go back to the forest with his friends and there she find a trap hole where she suspected that Miguel fell into earlier before she was rescued by someone. They keep searching the woods until they find a small hut which Miguel is inside being healed by an old man. After finding Miguel, they took him to the hospital to heal his wounded leg. Few days after, Cara and Miguel started to dream and see a horrible veiled lady. The horrible veiled lady kept on appearing to them in their dreams and anywhere they are alone. The lady has horrible face covered with veil. At first, only the two of them saw the horrible veiled lady in their dreams but later on their friends also claimed that they saw a lady in veil. Because of this incident, Cara predicted that a female related to her will die in water and she thought it was Faye (Roxanne Guinoo) so she called her and ask if she's okay and in the second call which Cara should warn her she didn't answer because she was listening to music while on the pool. Cara rushed to her but luckily she's safe.

Later they saw Diana falling off the building. Earlier before Diana died, she already saw a veiled lady when the brownout occurred in their unit and disregarded it. While Miguel and Cara's maid tried checking the switches Diana saw Cara's look-alike crying so she tried to comfort her but later find out that it was the horrible veiled lady who tricked her. They struggle as Diana tried to escape from the veiled lady from pulling her off the building. Miguel and Cara's maid came to rescue her but didn't succeed so she died falling off the building shouting that it was the horrible veiled lady. Later Cara discovered that it was her mother whom she predicted to die in water.

On the grave, Upeng - a friend of Lola Auring came and told Cara that things happened because she used the forbidden tarot cards which should not be used again after Lola Auring died and she warned Cara that to stop the curse she needs to save the next victim. Cara used again the tarot cards and predicted that the next victim will be another female with a child which she suspects that it was Miguel's sister who is still pregnant. So she told Miguel to watch over her pregnant sister but during the rehearsal for Miguel and Cara's wedding, Miguel sister suddenly shed blood and taken to the hospital for medical attention. Later, they also find out that Roxanne is also pregnant and later Miguel confessed to Cara that it was his baby despite of their relationship. Cara was hurt after the revelation. On the other hand, Upeng also was hit by a truck after seeing the horrible veiled lady inside the jeepney which she should take but before dying she told her daughter to give the pictures to Cara. So, beyond Cara's knowledge she looks after Upeng and find out that she's dead and took the pictures that might lead her to answers.

Later she learned that his friend's grandmother Lola Nena is knowledgeable about spirits so she talked to her and Cara find out that it was her Lola Auring's third friend and she told Cara that due to her knowledge in tarot cards she already possessed the black magic. She told Cara that before they are members of a cult led by El Señor (Dante Rivero) whom they escaped from before ordering everyone to kill themselves to save the world but before they escaped Auring took the El Senior's tarot cards since she was the one who possessed the skills of a fortune teller. So stop the curse they need to return the cards to the spirits who were searching for it which they suspected to be ordered by El Senior. On the other hand, Miguel also discovered that Cara is pregnant and she might be the next victim to die, so she followed Cara into the woods. Soon Cara discovered that the El Señor is still alive and it was his grandfather who also happened to be the one who saves Miguel from the trap hole. They struggled in the woods as the spirits still chased them even if they already buried the tarot cards.

To end the curse, El Señor must kill himself so he sacrificed himself for Cara. In the other side of the forest, Miguel was also tricked by a Cara look-alike when it appeared to him crying but as soon as Cara came, the look-alike turned into a horrible veiled lady and pushed Miguel off the hill. Cara tried to save him but after he asks forgiveness he fell off dead. Cara still go back to the hill sometimes to where Miguel died that always remind her of their happy and now with their baby named Miguelito.

The movie is full of thrill and horror scenes are shocking and a must see horror movie to those who haven't seen it. The story about fortune telling depicts that possessing such skills can be harmful not to the predicted people but also to the fortune teller who has it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Corazon Ang Unang Aswang

Corazon Ang Unang Aswang is a 2012 Filipino/Pinoy Horror Movie in 1946 setting and Aswang means a flesh eating creature in the night. The movie talks about the couple Corazon and Daniel who lived in a local village. Corazon's mother was rumored as prostitute in war where almost everybody in the village know. Every time Corazon meet the people around they keep talking about her family. They lived a simple life when Corazon decided to take action because after their years of marriage she never get pregnant. She consulted native medicine experts in the village and one suggested that she would try something that has to do with miracles so she tried to sacrifice and pray to have a baby. Later then she get pregnant and Daniel gets excited of it.

Before she get pregnant she met Melinda, an old woman rumored to be one of the Aswang in the village that eats human flesh but this was not proven aside from rumors. The killings in their village was made by the land lord to scare them to work on his land. Daniel always warned Corazon not to get in touch with Melinda because of what everbody's saying and Melinda was killed in one of the encounters in the village even if Corazon defended her.

When Corazon get pregnant she is very excited of her baby and taking care of her condition. The time has come that she gave birth to her baby but the didn't cry and the local midwife confirmed that the baby is dead. Corazon cannot believe that the baby is dead she kept the baby for days and blame everybody for what happened. One day she take the baby away and blame God for what happened. Because of her anger he ate the baby's dead body and promised that she will take vengeance and no baby will cry anymore in the village. From them she started to eat flesh from wild animals and days come that she started to eat little girls in the village and killing them.

Daniel is tired of searching her since she's been lost for a long time already. Victims goes higher when everybody's alarmed to who's the killer and blamed Aswang for that. One night an encounter happened with Daniel's friend and identified Corazon as the Aswang. Corazon killed many kids in the village and almost killed one of her friend but she got away when she identified her. The village people searched for the rumored monster that is killing their kids.

The movie ended when Corazon and Daniel meet again and Daniel's friend let them get away before the village people will kill them if they will see Corazon and that is the legend of the first Aswang in the far rural areas.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Get Sukob now!

Sukob is a 2006 Filipino/Pinoy horror movie which means cursed when sisters have their wedding at the same date. The wedding curse is tied by long lost sisters where coincidentally had their wedding and at the same date at different churches. Out of their knowledge that Kris has a younger sister played by Claudine which was not recognized by her since they were kids. They have the same father but of different mother. When the two have their marriage at the same time but different place the church's bell sounded different as it was for the dead but they ignored it. The next few days is shocking when Claudine's husband fell off the roof and died and the next few days the ghost of her husband shows himself from then and nowhere and that made her wonder what's the message that implies.

On the other hand Kris's friends and other close people to her died and they don't know what happened, her husband even died but the physical bod cannot be recovered. It was the curse servant who took their family members and friends away without a trace. They then investigated separately on what happened and Claudine discovered that she has a long lost sister and she wanted to find here. Accidentally, the two met and both work out on how to solve the wedding curse that binds them together.

The movie ended when they go back to the church where it all started and they discover that the curse needs to get a life from the two of them and when the curse servant showed up and Kris jumped off to fall from the church tower and died. Her father learned this and see his daughter dead. Only Claudine lives and that ended the curse.