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Monday, May 7, 2012


Get Sukob now!

Sukob is a 2006 Filipino/Pinoy horror movie which means cursed when sisters have their wedding at the same date. The wedding curse is tied by long lost sisters where coincidentally had their wedding and at the same date at different churches. Out of their knowledge that Kris has a younger sister played by Claudine which was not recognized by her since they were kids. They have the same father but of different mother. When the two have their marriage at the same time but different place the church's bell sounded different as it was for the dead but they ignored it. The next few days is shocking when Claudine's husband fell off the roof and died and the next few days the ghost of her husband shows himself from then and nowhere and that made her wonder what's the message that implies.

On the other hand Kris's friends and other close people to her died and they don't know what happened, her husband even died but the physical bod cannot be recovered. It was the curse servant who took their family members and friends away without a trace. They then investigated separately on what happened and Claudine discovered that she has a long lost sister and she wanted to find here. Accidentally, the two met and both work out on how to solve the wedding curse that binds them together.

The movie ended when they go back to the church where it all started and they discover that the curse needs to get a life from the two of them and when the curse servant showed up and Kris jumped off to fall from the church tower and died. Her father learned this and see his daughter dead. Only Claudine lives and that ended the curse.

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  1. As I've watched this movie I'm already afraid to get married.