Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White House

White House talks about a haunted house in Baguio that is known to haunting everyone who stays that house and many testimonials arouse that they heard many unexplained noise at that house which no one is inside. The house is featured as a reality show on TV where contestants who joined should be inside the house for five nights and they are not allowed to bring communication devices like phones and radios.

When their night started everyone witnesses scary scenes inside the house that made each one to be dead by shock and this leads Jet, a paranormal expert to investigate what had happened inside the haunted house and who was really responsible for all these haunting. This lead him the Black Lady who was inside the house and also taken the souls of the contestants and use them to fight against him and also taken hostage of the soul of her daughter.

This horror and action packed movie adds the thrill in it and every scene was made of a shocking revelations among the characters. The movie is filled with faith and courage towards the end.

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