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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Strangers

the strangers 2012 horror movie

The Strangers is a 2012 pinoy horror movie that is a about a family of human-eating monsters or the so called Aswang. They are not a normal family, they also lived with humans around and if they get a chance they will hunt humans for food.

There is a story told that before there was a sweet couple who lived peacefully in a rural area in the Philippines. The couple is out one night and suddenly they encountered these monsters and the wife was taken and eaten by the Aswang in the woods. After that incident the husband Dolfo (Enchong Dee) fled in the far part of the woods as he was suspected to be the one who killed her wife and also judged as one of the Aswang in thier place. Some feared him but others wanted him dead by setting traps in the woods. It was then Dolfo hated the Aswang and hunt them all throughout his life.

One day the family of Aswang, travelled for fun and vacation to a far place to explore. They even hit an old woman but never had the chance to find her after falling off the bridge. After a long travel, their car stacked and they decided to look for a place for shelter. Later they find a small locality near the woods and decided to stay their with the hospitality of the hosts.

While staying, Pat's (Julia Montes) and Max's (Enrique Gil) father took a walk into the woods along with their driver and there it goes the driver becomes the prey. Later the small crowd panic as they heard commotion between other locals that they have seen a monster and all helped in searching the monster. They didn't know that the ones that were left in the local's house are the predators. The old man was eaten by the family mother Evelyn (Cherrie Pie Picache) and their maid Paloma (Janice de Belen) saw the incident and shake in fear escaping her monster boss.

At the woods Dolfo and Pat met and he told Pat about what happened to her wife but later Dolfo found out that Pat is also one of them and wanted to kill him. Dolfo defended himself against Max and Pat but later died in the hands of Pat. No one successfully escaped from the incident that night and again the family of monsters (Aswang) own the night.

They lived along with humans and with other family members again they travel to find some thrill and quench their thirst of human blood.


pridyider 2012 horror movie

Pridyider is a 2012 pinoy horror movie that is about a demonic appliances - a haunted classic refrigerator that eats animals and humans.

The story starts when Tina (Andi Eigenmann) moves back to their old home in the Philippines after years of being sent away to the United States to live with her aunt because of an incident involving her parents that the mystery has never been explained to her. Unfortunately for her, shes not alone in the house. The kitchen is home to a demonic, human-eating refrigerator.

After few days of staying in the house, she already noticed some of unexplained incidents like things getting back in place even if she already keep in the refrigerator, the lost cat, and even his friend was eaten by the refrigerator. 

In order for Tina to resolve the problem, she must dig into the past to discover the truth about what happened to her parents, and to find a way to defeat the infernal appliance. Later, Tina's father (Joel Torre) surprisingly approached to her and tell her the story why he keeps herself away from her after all these years.

He also met her childhood friend James (JM de Guzman). Together they fought the demonic refrigerator that was later discovered as controlled by her late mother thru a spell before she died.

Tina's father died after confronting the ghost of her wife and Tina survived and escaped the death that is bound by the haunted refrigerator.

Tiktik - The Aswang Chronicles

Tiktik is a pinoy horror movie that is set in far rural areas in the Philippines where the race of Aswang or Tiktik are rumored to still exist and live like normal along with other people in the village. These races are slaughtering for living among them.

The story just started when Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) came to see her pregnant girlfriend Tonya (Lovi Poe) after getting away from him in the city. Even if her mother doesn't like Makoy because of his angst attitude, he still stayed for good. The Aswang or Tiktik started to hate Makoy when he killed on of their member when it attacked Tonya inside the house because the Tiktik knows that she is pregnant and babies are very good in smell that attract the Aswang to eat it even if it's still inside the mother's womb. Tiktik are known to be baby eaters and some victims didn't even noticed until they die after thier babies are eaten.

Because of the death of the Tiktik's member the father take the other members with him and attack the house while parents of Tonya also helped him fight the Tiktik using ginger, sharp wedges and tail whip. The Tiktik dies one by one while they fight against them. And this alerted their superior (supremo) to rescue their race and plan to kill all inside the house along with their other members who turned into scary monster forms after their superior give them the saliva that can transform them into furious monsters. Every member of the Aswang is after of them all and also the baby and even the mother of Tonya was killed when two of the Tiktik members got into the house and killed her.

Together they fight against the Tiktik that lead them to go outside to hide the baby where Tonya already delivered while they are still fighting with the Tiktik members. The superior of the Tiktik turned into a flying monster that took the baby but didn't get too far and drop it because the baby has ginger already attached in the body just before they got out of the house. So that's the time Makoy killed the monster using the tail whip that is more sharp and powerful enough to kill the monster and stop the existence of their race.