Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5

shake rattle roll 2k5

Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5 is a 2005 pinoy horror movie with three segments such as “Poso”, “Aquarium” and “Lihim ng San Joaquin” to send a shock to viewers.

The first story is Poso that literally means haunted artesian well. It started when a group of fake spirit questors led by Ai-ai de las Alas were hired by an old woman (Gloria Romero) to call upon his grandson and talk to her. At first, the leader refused since she had decided to stop fooling people with their false skills in calling spirits but then convinced by the old woman after she said that she will pay them Php500,000.00 with their services. They started preparing the things that they need to do like the floating of candles, showing of ghosts and anything scary to make the old woman believed them but beyond their knowledge, the grandson’s ghost started to haunt them and each of them started to went missing. Later, the truth was revealed when the grandson’s ghost entered the spirit questor’s body and uses her to talk to his grandmother. It was then revealed that the grandmother accidentally killed her grandson after scolding him and dropped in the artesian well. The grandson’s ghost takes his grandmother before she can kill the spirit questor. The grandmother’s maid was also permitted by the grandson’s brother to go with the spirit questors.

The second segment is Aquarium, a story about a couple who bought an old condominium along with their son and maid. Later, some strange incidents happened when all the goldfishes in aquarium died. There was also an instance where an old woman in black warned Janice (Ara Mina) that they shouldn’t touch the aquarium. Her husband Benjie (Ogie Alcasid) doesn’t believe her and instead it resulted to couple’s quarrel. Benjie also is keeping a secret from Janice while supporting his half sister in her studies. Another horrifying incident happened when the plumber died plunging himself into the aquarium, it happened because of the evil spirit inside the aquarium who pulled him down to death. Later, Janice decided to take off the mask inside the aquarium instead of breaking it but it just get worse when her maid was possessed by the mask and attempted to kill them but Benjie came to rescue his family and broke the aquarium to destroy the evil spirit inside it.

The third part is Lihim ng San Joaquin which means “the secret of San Joaquin”. The story is about a young couple Rene and his wife (Mark Anthony Fernandez and Tanya Garcia) who decided to go far from their parents to start life on their own. They’ve come to a far province where they met few of the people living there. In an isolated area where there is a little hut, they started setting up the place for them to stay. In their will to get along with their neighbors, they went to the place where these people hang out but instead of warm welcome it just cause a conflict between the leader of the place. Later, they discovered that those people living there are Aswangs or the human turning beast at night so Rene prepared himself to face with them. He sets up protective materials around their hut against the Aswang who were planning to attack them. The Aswang came to attack them but Rene and his wife fought with them and later leaves only one, the leader. Rene killed the leader using the blessed oil given by the blind store owner to him.

Movie Feedback:
The stories are full of revelations and has unique story about things that we don’t believed exists.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dalaw (2010)

Dalaw is a 2010 pinoy horror movie that literally means "the visitor". An unexpected visitor that haunts the couple and wants to avenge.

The movie talks about Stella (Kris Aguino) and Anton (Diether Ocampo) who get married after the death of Stella’s late ex-husband Danilo. The lived together happily with a kid and with another upcoming baby. While living on their own, Stella always dreamed her past and see strange scenes all over the place. He suspected that the one who she have always dreamed off and she always sees is the ghost of her late husband Danilo that want something to her. The old woman (Gina PareƱo) with the third eye also confirmed that it was the Dalaw or the visitor that want something from her but her husband Anton didn’t believe with those claims.

The ghost gets stronger when as the time moves on. Later one of her friends died and the old woman also was killed by the ghost after seeing that the ghost is not Danilo but a woman whom also killed Anton''s mother falling off the stairs with her wheel chair. The ghost also started to scare Anton in his workplace but finds a way to get over. It was later then Stella discovered that the ghost was Lorna who was Anton''s ex-girlfriend who killed herself while still pregnant with Anton in his car and Anton buried her in the creepy places along the way and hide the incident.

The ghost wanted Stella to die with her baby also so she keeps coming back. Anton finds a way to learn that the dead body needs to be blessed for her to stop, so he decided to get a priest to go with him in the place where she buried Lorna (Karylle). The body was successfully blessed by the priest but Anton also died after successfully doing the needful to his former lover.

Movie Feedback
A nice movie to warn cheaters that they can just leave their third party behind and instead settle first or else worst things will happen unexpectedly.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

White House (2010)

white house horror movie

White House is a 2010 pinoy horror movie that talks about a haunted white house in Baguio, Philippines. The said is believed to be the house of unsettled spirits who scare everyone who gets inside the house. This was also supported by people who did an interview of their experiences inside the house. Some said that every night someone is walking and it seems like it has chains on its feet. Others also said that it’s not the White Lady they are scared of but instead the Black Lady inside the house.

As a paranormal expert, Jet (Gabby Concepcion), was asked by a friend, Coreen (Maricar Reyes) to work with her in her upcoming project of doing a horror reality TV show inside the house and she wants Jet to check the house for some possibilities of the hear says. Upon checking the house she takes with him her wife and daughter and warned them never to get inside the house if he didn’t come back. While checking inside he notices strange energy that triggers him to suspect that there were really ghosts inside the house. He followed some of them and struggle with strong energy that’s pulling him. Before he got out, her daughter wants to use the comfort room so her wife decided to take her daughter inside but on the way the ghost already followed them.

After Jet got out, he decided not to proceed in working with Coreen and warned them about the danger but it didn’t stop them to pursue the project. Many have joined as contestants to prove something and to win millions in just five nights of survival. In Jet’s house strange things happened when the ghost of the Black Lady take her daughter’s soul and the only thing to save her is to go back to the house and deal with the Black Lady, so as the horror reality TV show started, he joined inside the house and warned everyone to stay together while Coreen and company plans a surprise scare to all when one of her crew disguised as a ghost and scared them one by one but later was killed by the real Black Lady.

Later, Jet found out the legend of the Black Lady started when she married a man with children from the first wife the her husband died so she blame it to the kids and also killed them, that’s why her ghosts still exist inside the house. The only surprising moment is when he found out that the one who killing each one of them is the maid that is also with them and she is also the Black Lady. Together they fight her and defeat her being trapped in a mirror. The movie ended losing lives and sends Coreen to jail because of the death of the contestants inside the house that was blamed to her.

Babaeng Putik (2000)

babaeng putik horror movie

Babaeng Putik is a 2000 classic pinoy horror movie that literally means "woman from the mud" and talks about Mark (Carlos Morales), a desperate writer who gets away from the city and decided to live in his uncle's rest house to find some inspiration or subject to write. Upon his stay in that place he gets bored and decided to go hunting wild animals in the forest for food consumption. Few days past he met neighbors Temyong and her daughter Maita (Joanne Miller) whom he offered meal and drink wine.

Later she gets close to Maita and somehow attempts to get her but she refused. Upon his hunting times he met Ben, a stranger that helped him while he fell off a hole. He never had a chance to talk to him much because he's gone after helping him. Few days again had passed when he met forest soldiers who asked him to be friend and later on food as they promised to help him in whatever he need in the future. They keep coming back to him asking for food and searching for Ben but Mark lied that he had not seen him. Some days and nights have passed and again the stranger Ben comes and drink wine with him and later offered something that can give him never ending happiness but warned him to test him flexibility and strong personality to face it. Ben gave him a seed that he need to plant when there's no moon and the fruit of it will give him the happiness he need.

A tree grew in the backyard bearing a muddy fruit and even the soldiers saw it but he lied saying it was a Japanese squash. One night the fruit cracked and a gorgeous lady is the inside that fruit that is the start of her happiness. This made his writing passion more productive. He had her many times a day, sex and everything but he didn't know that when he's asleep the girl he named Sally (Klaudia Koronel) will turn into a monster and kill whoever gets lost in the forest. His cousin came and stay with him that was later also killed along with Maita's parents too.

Later, the soldiers came to him and again ask for food but this time asks Sally to be with them. He agreed after seeing Sally’s real figure in the mirror and the expected happened, she killed them one by one. Mark led Sally into the trap hole and made her fall off but before she dies she had Mark and attempts to kill him but with the help of Maita he was saved and that ends Sally dead. Mark realizes it was a horrible experience and decided to take Maita with him to the city to start a new life.

Movie Feedback
This is a unique story that has mix of fantasy and horror.