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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Babaeng Putik (2000)

babaeng putik horror movie

Babaeng Putik is a 2000 classic pinoy horror movie that literally means "woman from the mud" and talks about Mark (Carlos Morales), a desperate writer who gets away from the city and decided to live in his uncle's rest house to find some inspiration or subject to write. Upon his stay in that place he gets bored and decided to go hunting wild animals in the forest for food consumption. Few days past he met neighbors Temyong and her daughter Maita (Joanne Miller) whom he offered meal and drink wine.

Later she gets close to Maita and somehow attempts to get her but she refused. Upon his hunting times he met Ben, a stranger that helped him while he fell off a hole. He never had a chance to talk to him much because he's gone after helping him. Few days again had passed when he met forest soldiers who asked him to be friend and later on food as they promised to help him in whatever he need in the future. They keep coming back to him asking for food and searching for Ben but Mark lied that he had not seen him. Some days and nights have passed and again the stranger Ben comes and drink wine with him and later offered something that can give him never ending happiness but warned him to test him flexibility and strong personality to face it. Ben gave him a seed that he need to plant when there's no moon and the fruit of it will give him the happiness he need.

A tree grew in the backyard bearing a muddy fruit and even the soldiers saw it but he lied saying it was a Japanese squash. One night the fruit cracked and a gorgeous lady is the inside that fruit that is the start of her happiness. This made his writing passion more productive. He had her many times a day, sex and everything but he didn't know that when he's asleep the girl he named Sally (Klaudia Koronel) will turn into a monster and kill whoever gets lost in the forest. His cousin came and stay with him that was later also killed along with Maita's parents too.

Later, the soldiers came to him and again ask for food but this time asks Sally to be with them. He agreed after seeing Sally’s real figure in the mirror and the expected happened, she killed them one by one. Mark led Sally into the trap hole and made her fall off but before she dies she had Mark and attempts to kill him but with the help of Maita he was saved and that ends Sally dead. Mark realizes it was a horrible experience and decided to take Maita with him to the city to start a new life.

Movie Feedback
This is a unique story that has mix of fantasy and horror.

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