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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dalaw (2010)

Dalaw is a 2010 pinoy horror movie that literally means "the visitor". An unexpected visitor that haunts the couple and wants to avenge.

The movie talks about Stella (Kris Aguino) and Anton (Diether Ocampo) who get married after the death of Stella’s late ex-husband Danilo. The lived together happily with a kid and with another upcoming baby. While living on their own, Stella always dreamed her past and see strange scenes all over the place. He suspected that the one who she have always dreamed off and she always sees is the ghost of her late husband Danilo that want something to her. The old woman (Gina PareƱo) with the third eye also confirmed that it was the Dalaw or the visitor that want something from her but her husband Anton didn’t believe with those claims.

The ghost gets stronger when as the time moves on. Later one of her friends died and the old woman also was killed by the ghost after seeing that the ghost is not Danilo but a woman whom also killed Anton''s mother falling off the stairs with her wheel chair. The ghost also started to scare Anton in his workplace but finds a way to get over. It was later then Stella discovered that the ghost was Lorna who was Anton''s ex-girlfriend who killed herself while still pregnant with Anton in his car and Anton buried her in the creepy places along the way and hide the incident.

The ghost wanted Stella to die with her baby also so she keeps coming back. Anton finds a way to learn that the dead body needs to be blessed for her to stop, so he decided to get a priest to go with him in the place where she buried Lorna (Karylle). The body was successfully blessed by the priest but Anton also died after successfully doing the needful to his former lover.

Movie Feedback
A nice movie to warn cheaters that they can just leave their third party behind and instead settle first or else worst things will happen unexpectedly.

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