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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5

shake rattle roll 2k5

Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5 is a 2005 pinoy horror movie with three segments such as “Poso”, “Aquarium” and “Lihim ng San Joaquin” to send a shock to viewers.

The first story is Poso that literally means haunted artesian well. It started when a group of fake spirit questors led by Ai-ai de las Alas were hired by an old woman (Gloria Romero) to call upon his grandson and talk to her. At first, the leader refused since she had decided to stop fooling people with their false skills in calling spirits but then convinced by the old woman after she said that she will pay them Php500,000.00 with their services. They started preparing the things that they need to do like the floating of candles, showing of ghosts and anything scary to make the old woman believed them but beyond their knowledge, the grandson’s ghost started to haunt them and each of them started to went missing. Later, the truth was revealed when the grandson’s ghost entered the spirit questor’s body and uses her to talk to his grandmother. It was then revealed that the grandmother accidentally killed her grandson after scolding him and dropped in the artesian well. The grandson’s ghost takes his grandmother before she can kill the spirit questor. The grandmother’s maid was also permitted by the grandson’s brother to go with the spirit questors.

The second segment is Aquarium, a story about a couple who bought an old condominium along with their son and maid. Later, some strange incidents happened when all the goldfishes in aquarium died. There was also an instance where an old woman in black warned Janice (Ara Mina) that they shouldn’t touch the aquarium. Her husband Benjie (Ogie Alcasid) doesn’t believe her and instead it resulted to couple’s quarrel. Benjie also is keeping a secret from Janice while supporting his half sister in her studies. Another horrifying incident happened when the plumber died plunging himself into the aquarium, it happened because of the evil spirit inside the aquarium who pulled him down to death. Later, Janice decided to take off the mask inside the aquarium instead of breaking it but it just get worse when her maid was possessed by the mask and attempted to kill them but Benjie came to rescue his family and broke the aquarium to destroy the evil spirit inside it.

The third part is Lihim ng San Joaquin which means “the secret of San Joaquin”. The story is about a young couple Rene and his wife (Mark Anthony Fernandez and Tanya Garcia) who decided to go far from their parents to start life on their own. They’ve come to a far province where they met few of the people living there. In an isolated area where there is a little hut, they started setting up the place for them to stay. In their will to get along with their neighbors, they went to the place where these people hang out but instead of warm welcome it just cause a conflict between the leader of the place. Later, they discovered that those people living there are Aswangs or the human turning beast at night so Rene prepared himself to face with them. He sets up protective materials around their hut against the Aswang who were planning to attack them. The Aswang came to attack them but Rene and his wife fought with them and later leaves only one, the leader. Rene killed the leader using the blessed oil given by the blind store owner to him.

Movie Feedback:
The stories are full of revelations and has unique story about things that we don’t believed exists.  

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