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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam (2008)

mag-ingat ka sa kulam horror movie

Mag-ingat Ka Sa Kulam is a 2008 pinoy horror movie that talks about Mira and Maria (Judy Ann Santos) that are twins. Mira woke up from a car accident and forgets everything about her. She cannot even recognize people that she met after the accident. Her husband Paul (Dennis Trillo) helps her overcome this condition. Her daughter Sophie also surprised with the new Mira who is not angry anymore unlike before that she always scold Sophie. Now she surprisingly cared about Sophie and little by little fixing things up with her.

After the accident Mira also see strange things like some white lady with long hair. She keeps seeing her in any way and wondered if who she was and what she want with her. Mira is also wondering about the doll that keeps appearing to her even if he gave another doll to Sophie and later again Sophie hated her because she want to take away the ugly doll (voodoo doll) whom Sophie liked the most. Later she found out that she had a twin sister whom he hide from Paul and her name is Maria which was confined in a mental hospital and later died. It’s Maria that appears to her as the white lady. Sophie also had her eye operation successful but as she opened her eyes she also saw the ghost of Maria inside the room and even Paul started to see her later on. 

As the situation gets tougher, Dave (TJ Trinidad) also appeared to her and saying things that seems undone before Mira got an accident. As Mira investigated her past she remembers that when she and Maria were still kids they were taught by their mother to learn witchcraft and at that time she was not interested but Maria learned it when her mother died and Mira leave her in their province. That's why Maria was admitted to the mental hospital because she was acting crazy and insane. The next day Dave confronted Mira saying the Mira supposed to go away with him and as Mira refused they witnessed Dave killed himself with his gun.

Before Mira's accident happened Paul didn't know that Mira cheated on him with Dave and have an agreement to leave Paul as soon as they can have their chance but at that time while Mira in on her way, Maria is also casting a spell to exchange their soul that Maria in the body of Mira and vice versa. During the accident, Maria successfully transferred herself to Mira's body and that's the time that the real Mira in the body of Maria was killed by her insane roommates in the hospital. So the Mira that was with Paul after the accident is indeed Maria, so to stop Maria from hurting them Paul found out that the ugly doll that was made by Mira is the best weapon to defeat Maria and it ended Maria trapped in a circle of ashes as the Mira instructed in her video that stopped and killed Maria.

Movie Feedback
The movie sends scare with its unique story. It is a story about family betrayal and revenge. The drama also captures the viewers of this movie since this is also common to some families experiencing this.

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