Gusto Mo Bang Maging Milyonaryo?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sundo (2009)

Sundo is a 2009 pinoy horror movie that literally means “someone to pick you up when it’s your turn to die”. The story started after Romano (Robin Padilla) as a soldier survived and recovered from a war whom he’s the only one to come home alive. After waking up in a hospital, he started seeing something different around him and these are ghosts of the dead. He didn’t realized at first what it meant to him until they follow him even at home. Romano didn’t show fear to the people around him at home but it’s obvious to them that he has something that he’s afraid of.

Louella (Sunshine Dizon), Romano’s childhood friend and now a medical doctor visited them and confessed to have peace after their own family’s troubles and offered help to Isabel (Rhian Ramos), Romano’s blind sister to be checked by an expert ophthalmologist. Romano didn’t agree at first but due to his sister’s condition, he also accepted the offer later. They travel from Baguio to Manila to take Isabel to the doctor. Along with them is an aspiring actress, Kristina (Katrina Halili), a widow, Lumen (Glydel Mercado), and her nephew, Eric (Hero Angeles) and Louella’s driver Baste (Mark Bautista). 

In the highway, Romano dreamed about an accident for unfortunately he saved them all from committing it but later Romano again saw the ghosts and even heard a baby crying. He saw many of them and decided to quickly leave the area. While eating in a cheap restaurant along the way, Romano saw again a ghost (sundo) that triggers someone will die later. Unfortunately, it was Lumen who died in the comfort room due to falling carpentry tools to her head. With this, she didn’t make it to her husband’s wake alive.

Later in the hospital, Romano indeed saw again a ghost hanging on the ceiling. It was the sundo of Eric but he didn’t know at first. It was in the wake of Lumen’s husband when he recognized the dead and again the sundo take Eric who died electrocuted. Suspicions has now arise that made them go back to Kristina’s residence to warn her but she didn’t believed them and instead get out of the house. It was then revealed that Kristina has a twin who is now her sundo and will take her dead. Kristina died in a spa where Romano and company were late to save her.

Baste suggested that Romano should consult a spirit questor and immediately located her but before she can tell how to avoid with the hauntings, Baste died after seeing also his sundo (the ghost of his father). The three remained calm and tried to escape the ghosts but instead of escaping them, they faced the ghost and later their sundo took them all.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Guwapings: The First Adventure (1992)

Guwapings: The First Adventure is a 1992 pinoy horror movie starring three of the most promising actors in their generation - Jomari Yllana (Mike), Mark Anthony Fernandez (Bambi) and Eric Fructuoso (Archie). Group of kids along with their driver Buddy (Anjo Yllana) headed to a forest to play war games when suddenly they got lost in the middle of the woods. Before anyone finds the way home they encountered strange things in the woods. Not knowing the risk of the place they each of them struggled to find way home since sun is setting soon. Also their other companions searched for them in the woods since they bored and worried of waiting. This is the start of the unexpected teenager's horror adventure.

Upon searching they also find strangers such as beautiful ladies at night and other locals who say that the place is dangerous because it’s the place of the Aswang (Flesh eating humans). At first, they didn’t believe until they find of their fellows dead with bite mark in the neck. Now they already discovered that what the locals said is true. On the other hand, there are also girls who had been kidnapped by kidnappers who only want money in exchange but before they can get the money the two girls escaped along with the kidnapper’s girlfriend and allies. Now the situation becomes complicated when they accidentally meet in the woods escaping from the Aswangs and the kidnappers. 

Out of luck, the kidnappers were killed by some of the Aswangs in the woods and only the teens can help themselves against the flesh eating night hunters. While finding the way, they saw an elder’s house where they decided to stay for the night to avoid the danger but the Aswang attacked them and captured the two girls. They have no other choice but to save the fellow teens that has been kidnapped by the Aswang. With this, they prepared some weapons including sharpen woods as spears and lots of garlic which are proven that can kill Aswangs. The kids fought the Aswangs but they are a lot stronger at night so the kids keep fighting using their weapons until they discovered that it was nearly dawn and soon sunlight will be visible so they shoot the walls of the old building that made the sunlight penetrate the inside and killed the Aswangs.

Tiyanak (1998)

Tiyanak is a 1988 classic pinoy horror movie that literally means “baby demon”, other terms it is also called “impakto”. They exist in forests in far places away from human. Tiyanaks are believed to be the physical ghosts of aborted babies that want care and someone to hide from troubles. Julie (Janice de Belen), always wanted to have a baby so when her sister Christie (Lotlot de Leon) found an abandoned baby in the backyard, she immediately took and promise to take as her own baby naming it Angelica like an angel. She is blind of what the danger the baby or the Tiyanak can do to them.

Before they got the baby, it already killed someone in the forest where Boy (Smokey Manaloto) witnessed it and told the victim’s husband. The husband then formed a group to hunt the Tiyanak which is already living in a residence with Julie and other members of the family. On the other hand, Monica (Carmina Villaroel) took care of the baby when Julie is out but when she carry the baby it bit her shoulder, that’s when she started to suspect that the baby isn’t human but a demon called Tiyanak.

Later, they consulted the elders where they said that the only thing that could kill the Tiyanak is fire, so burning the Tiyanak’s molted skin is the best option but is hard to do. Julie doesn’t believe what others saying because her heart is already captured with the baby. Tiyanak’s are capable of asking for mercy by crying so this is its best weapon to get protected by Julie. Later, they all found out that it is really true that the baby is a demon so they decided to kill her and burn her molted skin. The Tiyanak tried to trick them again but because of fire they leave the baby die to stop her from killing others and Julie also found out that she is pregnant.

Amorosa: The Revenge (2012)

Amorosa: The Revenge is best described as psychological pinoy horror movie that is about Rosa (Angel Aquino) and her sons Rommel (Enrique Gil) and Amiel (Martin del Rosario) whom after surviving a car accident whom her husband died decided to transfer to a new house that is owned by her aunt. Upon entering the place they then saw a crime scene which a dead man lays beside the street. Inside the house she already feels strange things in there that she can’t explain. 

Later, Rosa asked the caretakers about the history of the house and later found out that someone died there. She also consulted an old man which only warned her to stay away from the house. Rommel is being bored staying in the house so he hangs out with friends outside whom later Rosa arrived to take him home. Rommel nagged about what her mother do in front of his friend. Later Rommel also met Amanda and later getting interested with her but during this time his friends have planned to rape her with Rommel to get involved. 

This incident had already happened before when a lady (Empress Shuck) is raped and killed inside an old house by her own boyfriend and his friends. That’s why the haunting in the house is suspected to be from the ghost of the rape victim. Rosa is having dreams and hallucinations that she sees someone inside the house. By this time she still believes that Amiel is with them. Later inside the house she saw that her sons were playing the piano and suddenly burned which also led her to see someone in the ceiling. Later Rommel explained to her that she’s been hallucinating and tell him to stop believing that Amiel is still alive because he actually died during the accident that happened before they transferred to the new house. 

The next night, Rommel’s friends take him and Amanda to the woods and started to do their plan and Rommel pretended at first that he’s with them but later fight them helping Amanda but he’s just been stabbed by one of them and they tried to escape in separate ways with Amanda. Rommel successfully got home wounded and Rosa medicate him and start asking questions and advised to take him to the hospital but he didn’t want because he might be involved if they killed Amanda. The police came looking for Rommel because Amanda is missing but she defended him and said that he hasn’t got home since last night but the police warned her to avoid hiding his son if ever. 

Rommel searched for Amanda in the woods and her mother Rosa struggles to find a way to escape from Rommel friends who attacked their house because some of them died which is actually killed by the ghost of the rape victim. So they want to kill also Rosa and Rommel to avoid being caught by police because of the crime they committed.

Rosa also found out that her son Amiel was already dead in the accident on their way to the new house. Her visions of Amiel is only a result of psychological aspects that affected her after the death of her son. 

Movie Feedback
The movie has its own story of mysteries and revelations about the family and the people around them.