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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tiyanak (1998)

Tiyanak is a 1988 classic pinoy horror movie that literally means “baby demon”, other terms it is also called “impakto”. They exist in forests in far places away from human. Tiyanaks are believed to be the physical ghosts of aborted babies that want care and someone to hide from troubles. Julie (Janice de Belen), always wanted to have a baby so when her sister Christie (Lotlot de Leon) found an abandoned baby in the backyard, she immediately took and promise to take as her own baby naming it Angelica like an angel. She is blind of what the danger the baby or the Tiyanak can do to them.

Before they got the baby, it already killed someone in the forest where Boy (Smokey Manaloto) witnessed it and told the victim’s husband. The husband then formed a group to hunt the Tiyanak which is already living in a residence with Julie and other members of the family. On the other hand, Monica (Carmina Villaroel) took care of the baby when Julie is out but when she carry the baby it bit her shoulder, that’s when she started to suspect that the baby isn’t human but a demon called Tiyanak.

Later, they consulted the elders where they said that the only thing that could kill the Tiyanak is fire, so burning the Tiyanak’s molted skin is the best option but is hard to do. Julie doesn’t believe what others saying because her heart is already captured with the baby. Tiyanak’s are capable of asking for mercy by crying so this is its best weapon to get protected by Julie. Later, they all found out that it is really true that the baby is a demon so they decided to kill her and burn her molted skin. The Tiyanak tried to trick them again but because of fire they leave the baby die to stop her from killing others and Julie also found out that she is pregnant.

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