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Friday, August 14, 2015

Maria Leonora Teresa (2014)

Maria Leonora Teresa

Maria Leonora Teresa is a 2014 pinoy horror movie starring Zanjoe Marudo (Julio), Jodi Sta. Maria (Stella) and Iza Calzado (Faith). The three have daughters: Julio as a single parent and a gay has Leonora, Stella not happily married has Teresa and Faith with loving husband has Maria. The kids are great and very active in school activities despite each family’s situation.

The unfortunate event happened when the school bus got out of control due to a child’s ghost that appeared inside the bus. This had caused the horrible accident when the bus accidentally fell off the bridge leaving everyone dead. The incident sends a shock to the parents since most of them had only one child which is now dead. The parents suffered too much depression and random delusions everyday causing them to believe that the three kids were still alive.

After few months, a psychiatrist visited each of the three families and offered a solution to their loneliness. He introduced himself as Manolo Apacible, a psychiatrist and is conducting an experimental psychology. He offered a child-sized doll for each parents to cope up with too much sorrow due to their loss. The dolls are equipped with automatic greetings audio such as “Good morning Daddy!, Good morning Mommy!..” and will also laugh randomly. Out of the three parents, only Julio accepted one of the dolls to be the replacement of her daughter Leonora.

As the days passed, Julio has surpassed loneliness and is happy for having the living dead doll. Later, he also encouraged Stella and Faith to have the dolls as replacement of Maria and Teresa to their lives as he had proven it to be effective and has given him the will to survive after what had happened to them. The time comes when the two have been convinced and also accepted the dolls. After then, they did not saw the psychiatrist again.

The interesting part happened when aside from the joy that the dolls brought to them, people around them experienced opposite feelings caused by unusual behavior of the dolls. These incidents include: the dolls speaking as if it is alive, dolls suddenly disappear (transferred to another location) and its facial appearance randomly changes. The gentle looking dolls are now turned into haunted and creepy dolls without the parent’s knowledge. The people around them were injured or died one by one due to the evil dolls rage. The three parents didn’t believe at first but when they saw it themselves, they are now sure that those dolls were haunted. The dolls resemble “Chucky the killer doll” as seen in doll horror movies that kills people brutally.

Later they found out that these dolls are voodoo dolls managed by the witch psychiatrist who happened to the father of Eldon, the child who died earlier in school due to fire. They also discovered from a paranormal expert that these evil dolls were given to them as a medium of revenge to the things that they have done to Eldon while he’s still alive. These includes Julio (as a teacher) locking Eldon in the classroom before the fire was accidentally started, Stella refusing to testify and Faith’s family paid the lawyers to exclude them from the accident. To stop the killings, they should stop Manolo from ordering the dolls to kill them and have Eldon’s body to be blessed by holy water before burying.

They've managed to succeed in fighting Manolo and the three evil dolls which resulted to Julio’s death after saving them from Manolo’s rage. However, the revenge didn’t stop on the three of them.