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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dilim (2014)

dilim horror movie

Dilim is a 2014 psychological pinoy horror movie starring Kylie Padilla (Maritess). The movie talks about the nursing student being haunted by the ghost of the dead nursing students killed in the beach.

The horror story started when Maritess rented a new boarding house in the city. After few days, the landlord told her that he will be gone for few days to go to the province. During these days, Maritess met Nemia who is also living on that boarding house and she became her only companion inside the boarding house. Aside from having a companion inside, he also met Emerson (Rayver Cruz) outside who showed interest on her. She also saw and experienced strange things within the house which she can’t explain what it means that caused her to ignore some of it.

When another boarder came, she said that there was no other resident living in the boarding house aside from Maritess alone since the landlord is still at the province. Maritess was frightened after hearing this and questioned why she met Nemia (Ella Cruz) inside the house. When the landlord returned home, he also confirmed that Maritess is only alone when he left and Nemia was actually lost after not coming home five years ago together with Aya (Nathalie Hart).

This led them to investigate why the two nursing students were lost five years ago. Using the internet, they found some friends of the two and started to ask questions regarding the incident before the students were lost. Later, they also found a number inside Nemia’s planner and tried to trace it with their friends contact. As a result, they have discovered that it is a postpaid number previously owned by a businessman who is also a beach resort owner. It was the number that contacted Nemia’s friend before they were gone.

They have consulted this to the police but they were not convinced with the students’ testimonials and evidence found. Later, beach resort owner Quinito CastaƱeda (Rafael Rosell) was contacted by the police about what the students’ told them. This made the owner to be alerted and finds a way to contact Maritess to have things settled. Maritess and Rayver were taken by the resort owner’s friend Danny (Joross Gamboa) to the result to talk to the owner; however, it didn’t go well and Emerson got shot by Quinito. The incident revealed that they killed the two nursing students five years ago and were drowned in the sea with their body cemented inside a container.

While trying to drown Maritess and Emerson in the beach, the ghost of the dead nursing students appeared and took the two murderers to the sea. Their souls can now live in peace as they have avenged their death on that night.

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