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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Tumbok (2011)

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Tumbok is a 2011 pinoy horror movie about hauntings in a condominium unit starring Cristine Reyes (Grace) and Carlo Aquino (Ronnie). Tumbok is believed to be a bad Feng Shui. This location is in T-junction wherein you door is facing the road that is pointing to your direction. Properties built in this location (tumbok houses) will experience lots of bad lucks.

When Ronnie’s father died, a lawyer handed him a document claiming some property in Manila. It is a condominium where they used to live before when he’s still a kid. With this, the couple decided to move there to build a family of their own and also to take advantage of the place.

Upon transferring, Mark (Ryan Eigenmann) introduced the place in which Ronnie could not remember anymore what had happened before in that place. Mark also claimed that his family and Ronnie’s were business partners and he was tasked to save the place for Ronnie.

In the first day of their stay, Grace already saw and sensed many strange things in the building such crying baby, child entering in their unit and so with weird neighbors. She told Ronnie about those things but he didn’t believe her. After few days some bad things happened when their student neighbors died due to explosion caused by leaking tank gas. Also, Grace also dreamed about Mark forcing her in bed.

Ronnie’s cousin Lumen (LJ Moreno) came to their place and told Grace that there are many misfortunes to be experienced in that building since the location of the place is right at the center surrounded by other buildings. This tumbok beliefs lead them to perform a candle session with the unit as part of tumbok tips learned by Lumen. Lumen was also warned by their kid neighbor to take care but she didn’t take it seriously on her way out of the building. Later, Lumen was killed by a mad man outside cutting her head off with a bolo.

Grace also learned from her neighbor that Ronnie’s mother is still alive and currently in a mental ward. The story was - Ronnie’s mother killed his sister when he was a kid claiming that they are not her kids but instead from the devil. This is the reason why Ronnie and his father migrated to the province to live peacefully away from his ruthless mother.

Bad things happened in the next few days where Ronnie and his drunkard neighbor had a fight. Mark also appeared and claimed that he is Ronnie’s father and he was the devil as mentioned by his mother. Mark said that things will happen over and over again in that building since he is Ronnie’s father and connected with the devil. He also claimed that the child in Grace’s womb is Ronnie’s brother and not his son. The story revealed that what happened with Ronnie’s mother will also happen to Grace.

To end this, Ronnie committed suicide but the things that Mark had mentioned indeed happened to Grace and she turned out to be insane claiming that it’s the devil’s child which needs to be killed. The horror in that building remained unstoppable as the new tenants came to live there. 

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