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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Buy Now, Die Later (2015)

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Buy Now, Die Later is a 2015 pinoy comedy horror movie and one of the entries in Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 directed by Randolph Longjas. The movie is starred by Vhong Navarro as Odie – an aspiring photo journalist, Alex Gonzaga as Chloe – a rising star, Rayver Cruz as Ato – aspiring chef, John Lapus as Pippa – a gay wishing to be loved, Lotlot de Leon as Maita – Chloe’s mother, Janine Gutierrez as young Maita and TJ Trinidad as Santi – the evil antique shop owner.

This is a movie about the cursed antique customers and how they survived out of it.

Each character of this movie has its own horror story that is related to five senses - sense of sight (Masid), hearing (Dinig), smell (Halimuyak), touch (Kanti) and taste (Sarap) on how they got to buy one of the antique products of Santi. Upon buying anything, Santi has three conditions that the buyer needs to agree and sign the contract and it’s not as simple as that since after signing, the proof will be a cut on their palms that resembles an agreement to the devil. A deviation of the three terms will result to horrible and unwanted incidents to each of the buyers.

Masid – Odie dreamt of becoming a successful photo journalist; however, he’s very unfortunate when his camera was stolen during attempt capturing photos of a politician and his mistress. This is the time he came across with Santi’s antique shop and bought the antique camera that made him famous due to fresh scoops taken from murdered victims around the city. He also started to see shadows appearing randomly and tried to ignore it not knowing that deaths were triggered by him after deviating one of the three conditions.

Dinig – Chloe is an aspiring star who wanted to become popular with the encouragement of her mother; however, she failed the audition due to her singing imperfections. She bought the antique cellphone from the antique shop that made her popular and also deadly since everything she asked from the phone is given including the death of her competitor. She cannot anymore escape from the voice that’s always calling her and now made her life horrible.

Halimuyak – Pippa bought the antique perfume that made him very attractive to men due to unexplained scent. However, the men turned into zombie-looking men who always wanted to catch him and this made his life miserable.

Sarap – Ato bought the antique recipe booklet which has the powerful recipes that no one could beat. His restaurant became very popular due to the recipes but also turned him into a killer since the recipes mentioned in the booklet are not just natural foods but human’s internal organs.

Kanti – Maita missed her younger days after having her daughter Chloe. She bought the antique anti-aging cream that turned her into a young lady but it just makes her life dangerous when someone tried to rape her at the back of the bar.

They were all connected due to the agreement with the devil. Santi was defeated after they have broke the things inside the shop and burned the contracts.

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