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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Haunted Mansion (2015)

haunted mansion pinoy horror movie

Haunted Mansion is a 2015 pinoy horror movie and an official entry to MMFF 2015. The movie stars Janella Salvador as Ella and few of the hottest young talents today.

This a movie about haunting and the horrors within.

Ella in her childhood is weird since she possessed a third eye that can see all kinds of spirits. She even talked to her grandmother’s spirit few hours after she died. Her parents won’t believe her at first but after they have confirmed that indeed she could talk to the spirits or ghosts of the dead, they’ve keep it as secret but she was also the reason why her father died after calling her uncle’s spirit.

After her father died, she kept telling her younger brother and sister about the happy moments with her father when he was still alive.

At school, she’s been bullied by her classmates due to her being weird but she ignored it all the time. Ella also happens to have two suitors whom later became complicated because one is her friend Adrian (Marlo Mortel) who is secretly attracted to her and the other one is Jacob (Jerome Ponce) who was previously courting Megan (Ingrid Dela Paz) but always get neglected as part of Megan’s trick. This made Megan mad at her since Jacob was already started to be attracted to her.   

As part of their retreat, the students were taken to an old mansion which was already known for being horrible and mysterious due to different rumors about crying lady and black lady. They have been warned not to touch anything inside the mansion as they might disturb the spirits. At first, the student obeyed the rules but later they started to scare the others by wearing horrible masks and chasing the others.

This incident got the guys in trouble since Ella was scared by one of Jacob’s friends and Adrian defended her from them. The fight started but later stopped by Father Anthony (Dominic Ochoa) and Miss Gonzales (Janice de Belen) as their guardians in the retreat. But this was not the end of the guys’ play; they later tried to put a celfone inside the confessional room to record the black lady’s confession as what the rumors say.

The horrible thing happened when the phone successfully recorded the black lady’s confession. With this, anyone who heard the confession will eventually die in minutes after the burned man and evil black lady shows up and cut everyone’s tongue. After Miss Gonzales and Faye (Sharlene San Pedro) died, they discovered that the evil black lady who is killing every one of them is not Veronica (LJ Reyes) as the rumored black lady in the confessional room but indeed Amara (Iza Calzado). Amara did not want everyone to know that she was responsible of Jaime’s (Joem Bascon) death, the boyfriend of Veronica. The death of Veronica was due to sorrow because of what Amara did, the reason she committed suicide after confessing the incident few years ago.

Since Ella can talk to spirits, she tried to talk to Veronica and Jaime in the spirit world and was informed to destroy or burn Amara’s remains to stop her from killing them all. Only Ella was left after Amara’s rage but she had managed to burn her partially. Ella was hospitalized and later taken home to rest since she also suffered amnesia due to the incident in the mansion.

However, after three months when her memory gets back, Amara also get back to her and nearly killed her since she had already risen from the dead but Ella again managed to take the rosary and placed on Amara. This burned her fully to ashes and Ella lived.

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