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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kulimlim (2004)

kulimlim possessed husband

Kulimlim is a 2004 pinoy suspense movie starring Robin Padilla (Jake) and Tanya Garcia (Hannah). Kulimlim is a Filipino term for nightfall.

The movie talks about a loving father who is willing to do everything to protect his family but suddenly turn the other way around.

His family has a horrible past when Hannah was raped by three persons. The three were sent to jail after they were captured; however, they were released after few years in jail. With this, Jake sent his family to a far place where there is no communication to avoid the three suspects from getting back to them. He asked his uncle, a retired police officer to help him eliminate the three.

Upon releasing, the three suspects were taken by Jake uncle’s men and they were killed. This is where the story started when the spirits of the three suspects haunted and possessed Jake. All the attitude and gestures of the suspects get inside Jake’s body. Jake committed an accident way back home and this changed him. He came back home with a different personality and started to look for his son and disregarded his daughter.

Days go by and the incident changed him a lot. He started to hurt his daughter and his wife and only cared about his son. The kid was the result of the crime committed by the three suspects before. The demonic possession got worse and Jake started to teach his son about holding a gun and also about killing someone. In fact, one of their caretaker was killed when his son was possessed by demonic spirits.

Because of this, Hannah tried to protect her daughter and tried to save her son from her possessed husband. Hannah attempted to escape but was always caught by Jake. She tried to fight Jake and this led her daughter to escape and seek help from the neighbors.

After attempting to escape again, Hannah had almost got away but Jake chased her and her son. To stop Jake, she stabbed him with the metal cross that was given to her to protect her from any harm. Jake died before the police and the neighbors came to rescue them. They have stopped the danger but it seems not the end since her son was also possessed. 

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