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Monday, May 1, 2017

I Love You To Death (2016)

I Love You To Death is a 2016 pinoy horror movie starring Kiray (Gwen) and Enchong Dee (Tonton). The movie talks true love that caused the horror to happen to each of them.

Gwen and Tonton are childhood friends and they used to promise each other that they will be together and get married in the future. Tonton even gave Gwen a ring as a symbol of their forever and undying love. However, due to unexpected times, Gwen made new friends which have bully attitude and she became one of them. That is the time when she pushed Tonton out of her life to gain her friends' trust. Tonton was hurt that time but he knew that it was not the Gwen that he loved.

Times passed and they both become teenagers but their friendship did not go back to where it used to be. One day, Gwen is waiting for a vehicle to go to school but she got robbed by a man in bike taking her phone. Tonton tried to catch the man but they were both bumped in the middle of the road leaving the two dead. Gwen was unaware that Tonton died because of her.

After few years, Gwen wished that someone would come and marry her. In her birthday, Tonton came surprising her after having no contact for years. Tonton told her that he didn't forget Gwen even if they have not seen each other for a long time. He also proposed to Gwen. Her friends did not agree with Tonton's idea to marry her as soon as possible.

This is the time when all those who are against with Tonton died one by one. All of Gwen's friends also died.

Later, Gwen discovered that it is not Tonton that is inside his body but but the one who robbed her in the street that died along with Tonton.

They later get together when Gwen died.