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Pinoy Horror Characters

White Lady

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One the most scary creature in most of the Pinoy Horror Movies is the White Lady. Dressed in long hite gown, she mostly appeared in creepy dark streets, haunted houses, old school buildings and other establishments. The legend says that White Ladies are the ghost of someone whose been killed in the place where she appeared. She showed herself to ask help from someone and sometimes for revenge.


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This character is one of the most feared Pinoy Horror Movie creature who has the ability to trasform itself into an animal-like and blood-thirsty creature. In most of the rural areas in the Philippines, it is believed that their favorite victim are pregnant mothers because the scent of the baby inside their womb is very attractive to the Aswangs. They also exists in urban areas but they just get out at night and sleep all day to avoid the sunlight. They can be killed using holy water, wood spears and the sunlight.


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These are similar with Aswangs but they transform mostly into bigger monster forms where they kill their victims by ripping off the heart and eating the flesh. These are the local versions of werewolves that is also caused by infection turning one into a deadly beast. Can be killed with serious high powered weapon or just keep it wounded til daylight.


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Tiyanaks are monster babies who died and they get back killing all mothers found for revenge. They are quick and fast movers and they transfer to another places as quick as they can that humans cannot compare. They can be killed by burning their or skin or anything that they've been setting as their nest or resting place.


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Multo or ghosts of the dead typically starred in some of the pinoy horror movies whom they can be harmless or harmful. Some are only showing themselves just to ask for help and some are out for revenge. To stop them, you need to solve the mystery on how they died and help them as you can to stop their haunting.


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Engkantos are enchanted people who are from another dimensions of the Earth, from the woods, from underground or even inside an old house. When they are disturbed, they tend to also disturb the people near them. To stop them, a sacrifice needs to be offered to them. This can be a white chicken or even a life.


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Bampira or Vampires are also caused by infection or an inheritance from the roots of a family. They sleep at daytime away from the rays of the sun and out at night for fun and victim hunting. They suck blood from the neck and some are eating flesh. To kill them, they need to be hit by sunlight or stab with a wooden spear.


This creature is a half-bodied monster that eats human flesh. They came from the remote provinces of Luzon and Visayas. They can transform every full moon by rubbing a mysterious oil to their body and the upper half will separate from the lower. They usually transform in very dark and hard to find places to hide their lower half and to ensure that they can return safe before sunrise (it will burn them) after finding a victim.

Zombies (Patay Nabuhay)

They are the living dead that got out of their graves to take vengeance to the ones owing something to them. It is believed that the their strength is derived from a curse, demonic rituals or from a spelled medications that caused them to move and head out to their target victims. They will eat human flesh once they got their victim's body.

Mangkukulam o Barang

They are the evil sorcerers and spell casters. They deliver curse to someone who owed them or have done bad to them. They can let someone vomit with spoons, large insects coming out from the body, unknown disease and even exorcise someone to act like demon. They can also be paid to do the same to someone they had no contact yet. They are believed to originate from Siquijor island a long time ago but are vanishing nowadays.

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